10 Most Common Dog Breeds in Our Community: A Local Spotlight

10 Most Common Dog Breeds in Our Community: A Local Spotlight

We have a secret here at Joyride Harness. Are you ready for it? Here it is:

We. Love. Dogs.

Shocking, right? We love all dogs, in all shapes and sizes! From the tiniest Chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane, from the mighty mutt to the purpose-bred purebred.

We’ve worked hard to make sure that our harnesses are perfect for every dog. Every day, we celebrate our canine companions and try to make their lives better, because they do the same for us.

We’re proud to be based in Los Angeles, home to an estimated 555,325 dogs in the city alone. But what kind of dogs are they? Today, we’re going to take a look at the top ten breeds in the LA area.

1. French Bulldog

French Bulldog Wearing Joyride Harness Pink Camo
Image via Michele R.

This flat-faced cutie is having a heyday– they’re number one in the nation and in Angelenos’ hearts. These charming companions aren’t the most active dogs, although they do love a good walk and some playtime at the dog park– so make sure you have them in a harness since their flat faces often lead to breathing problems, especially when wearing a collar.

2. Bulldog

Image via Kristen F.

Dependable and loyal, bulldogs are wonderful pups who don’t need a whole lot of room to roam– perfect for that downtown apartment life. Another flat-faced breed, bulldogs are prone to breathing issues, so make sure that instead of a restrictive collar, you walk them with an open-necked, comfortable harness.

3. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever wearing Joyride Harness Fall Plaid
Image via Barbara L.

Labrador Retrievers are a popular breed for many reasons. They’re great with kids, easy to train, and are a fun-loving breed that loves walks and dog sports. Labs are extremely enthusiastic about… well, everything. Food, playtime, chasing squirrels, this energetic breed loves it all. Pro tip for this breed: A harness with a handle ensures you can get your Labrador out of any trouble they may get themselves in on a walk. 

4. German Shepherd

German Shepherd wearing Fall Plaid Harness
Image via Carlos F.

Protective and loyal, the German Shepherd is an amazing breed for protection. Their no-nonsense attitude and deep attachment to their humans mean that they will do anything for their family. These are big dogs, so make sure you have a harness that eliminates pulling.

5. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever wearing Joyride Harness Red
Image via Dawn G.

Beautiful, good-natured, and affectionate all describe the Golden Retriever. This excellent family dog is a gentle companion and is happy to be by your side wherever you go. As retrievers, they are energetic dogs who benefit greatly from mental stimulation, as well as going out for walks and other adventures.

The next set of breeds on our list don’t have currently available AKC data backing them up. Instead, we got this information from recent historical trends to see how these different breeds have moved up and down in the rankings. 

6. Chihuahua

Black Chihuahua wearing Joyride Harness Christmas
Image via @Rubyraeeveryday

Chihuahuas are iconic LA dogs, often seen riding shotgun in celebs’ purses… or ruling the roost at the dog park! This tiny breed saw a huge surge in popularity in the early 2000s, and LA residents still love them for their larger-than-life personalities and loving natures.

7. Mixed Breeds

Mixed Breed wearing Joyride Harness Black
Image via Kaitlyn M

While ethically bred purebred dogs are great, mighty mutts are also totally amazing. There are thousands of mixed-breed dogs in shelters around LA who would make a wonderful addition to your family. And they’ll all fit in a Joyride harness!

8. Poodle

Poodle wearing Joyride Harness Black and White Plaid
Image via Howard K.

The clever poodle comes in three sizes and is a smart, adaptable dog that’s easy to train. These dogs’ tightly curled coats mean that they don’t really shed– although they do need to be brushed to make sure their coats don’t mat.

9. American Pit Bull Terrier

American Pit Bull Terrier wearing Joyride Harness
Image via Mike H.

The APBT is a breed that loves its family… but maybe not always other dogs. While there are a lot of myths about this breed’s origins, the reality is that there are a lot of ugly stereotypes about pitties. With training and good management, APBTs can make amazing pets– don’t believe the bad rap they get!

10. American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier wearing Joyride Harness
Image via Erin B.

Staffies are often lumped in with APBTs as “pit bulls,” but this is a separate breed. Amstaffs or staffies, as they’re frequently known, have a confident and friendly demeanor that makes them excellent companions. These are powerful dogs, and they require proper training and socialization to ensure responsible ownership.

No matter what kind of dog you have, we know they’re amazing and special. That’s why you should try the Joyride Harness for them. Thousands of pet parents just like you, in LA and beyond, love the Joyride.

We’re confident that you’ll love it, too! Check out the Joyride in action on Instagram and the reviews on our site to see just how much dogs love this harness.

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