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2 in 1: Dog Leash/Seatbelt Combo

2 in 1: Dog Leash/Seatbelt Combo


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If you love innovation as much as we do, then this 2 in 1 dog leash/seatbelt combo will be right up your alley. When something can perform more than just one function, that's just plain cool, and this product does just that.

Taking your fur baby to the park? Well, you're going to need your leash, of course, but what you may forget about is the importance of a seatbelt. Seatbelts are required by law because they save lives. You pamper your fur baby in every possible way, so don't skimp out here.

With this heavy duty dog leash/seatbelt combo, you're always prepared.


  • Adjustable length. Easily adjust the length 35" to 43". Short enough to keep the secure, long enough allow them some mobility and to peek out the window.

  • Built to last. These things are made durable and guaranteed to last. Made from heavy-duty nylon that is much thicker and more stronger than your standard leash.

  • Reflective material. Accidents happen and no fur baby is perfect. Should they ever get away from you late at night, you can feel a little better that there is reflect material sewn into this leash which will greatly enhance night-time visibility. 

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Joyride Harness is on a mission to enhance the quality of living for our fellow dog friends. Learn more about what we do to help our local furry friends by clicking Learn More below.

Learn more about what we do to help our local furry friends here.