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Here at , we frequently get asked questions about dog food and which food is the best.

We have done quite a bit of research and the food that we feed our dogs and that we recommend to everyone, including friends and family, is Ziwipeak.

We typically buy Ziwipeak from because it tends to be a bit cheaper than our local pet store.

Why Did we choose Ziwipeak?

The numerous research out there points to raw foods being the best for dogs. However, for us personally, we are a bit too busy to constantly freeze / unfreeze food and prep it for our dogs to eat so that is why we love Ziwipeak.

It is a freeze dried raw food so it doesn’t have to be refrigerated, similar to kibble. For our pup, all he needs is 1 scoop in the morning and 1 at night. Serving size will depend on how big your dog is.

It’s easy in every way and it’s great for our dogs and our dogs LOVE IT.

Stopped Poop Eating

Our dog used to eat dog poop all the time and it drove us crazy! It turns out that his previous food was missing key enzymes that his body needed. Once we switched him over to Ziwipeak, he stopped this behavior immediately.

The Downside

The one downside to Ziwipeak is that it’s not cheap! However, we firmly believe that years of eating great food will add to our dog’s lifespan in years so it is 100% worth it to us. If you can afford Ziwipeak, don’t hesitate.

If you can’t, make sure to feed your dog a grain-free diet of the best brand you can afford. It will only add to your dog’s longevity as well as overall health and quality of life.

The Upside

Ziwipeak has almost 5 star reviews on Amazon. Feel free to read through them and see if Ziwipeak might be right for you.

Their protein rich foods do come in a variety of flavors (our boy’s favorite is Lamb). Their farms are humane and free range and their ingredient list is simple and easy to understand.

***I know we sound like a Ziwipeak sponsor, but we are not! We don’t get anything from them for recommending their brand, it’s just that we always get asked what we feed our dogs so we decided to write a blog post on it. We are not veterinarians so if your dog has health issues , make sure to consult your vet before switching over your brand of food.

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