Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool During the Summer

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool During the Summer

Welcome back to the “dog days of summer”, everyone! It’s loved and dreaded all at the same time because this is the point during the summer where it’s known to be the hottest. If we’re feeling too warm or hot, chances are our dogs are feeling the same way; maybe even worse. 

Whenever the seasons change and give us extreme weather conditions (hot and cold), it’s advised to keep a close watch on your dog to make sure they’re hanging in there okay. What can we do to make sure our fur babies are staying cool during the hotter days of the year?

Here are some tips you can pocket in your mind!

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool During the Summer

Tip #1: Research your dog’s breed.

Some dog breeds are able to handle extreme temperatures while other dogs require more attention to keep cool in the heat. If your dog’s breed type originates from a country with hot climates, then your dog is more likely to be able to handle the summer heat but still keep an eye out. If your dog’s breed type originates from a country with cold climates, there may be special instructions for your dog’s breed type to follow and help keep them cool.

Tip #2: Be prepared whenever you and your fur baby venture outdoors.

There are a number of things you can do to help keep your dog cool when you both are outside. These things include but are not limited to…

  • Adding ice cubes to your dog’s water dish
  • Having a wet towel on hand for them to lay on
  • Having a collapsible water dish on hand
  • Keeping a cooler stocked with frozen treats

Tip #3: Reschedule your walks.

You and your dog might be used to going out for walks for lengthy periods of time in the early afternoon. This may be the hottest time of day. If you’re worried about your dog overheating, consider rescheduling that lengthy walk for the early morning or early evening when temperatures are expected to be cooler.

Tip #4: Do not shave your heavy coated dog.

It might seem like the right thing to do, but before you reach for the trimmers to shave your dog’s big coat, consider the risks that come with it. Better yet, this falls into Tip #1 where you should research your dog’s breed. Some dogs, without the added fur, are more exposed to the sun and sun protection is a must.

Tip #5: Keep your dog out of the dog house.

Dog houses don’t have the proper air flow and can overheat your dog. During extreme weather conditions, it’s advised to keep your dog indoors so do what you can to decrease the amount of time spent outside especially without supervision. 

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