Quality Time and Bonding Ideas with Your Dog!

Quality Time and Bonding Ideas with Your Dog!

Making happy memories with our beloved pups is one of the best parts of being a pet parent!

From seasonal activities to chilling on the couch at home, it's great to spend quality time with your dog. The fun you have together will warm your heart for years to come. And as your relationship with your dog matures, you'll love having these memories to look back on.

While walks and playtime are great, sometimes a bigger adventure is fun.

Book A Mini Photo Shoot

You probably have a million photos of your dog on your phone. But what about professional photos?

Check out Instagram and local pet groups to find local pet photographers. A mini photo shoot or photo session is a shorter version of a full session. You'll get lots of great shots, and these shorter sessions are easier for pets.

They don't have to pay attention for too long! To get the best shots, talk to your photographer about lighting and poses. And don't forget to bring lots of treats!

Hit Up Pup-Friendly Patios

Today, plenty of restaurants welcome dogs to their patios. So why not go on a doggie date with your furry friend? Find a restaurant with a great patio and a dog-friendly menu.

Or better yet, a special pet menu! If you're ordering à la carte for your pup, be sure to avoid foods that are toxic to them. (We have a great list of what foods to avoid right here. Bookmark it on your phone so you can keep it at hand when it's time to order!)

Explore Local Nature

America has 6,972 state parks and 63 national parks. And many of them welcome dogs, so long as they're on a leash!

Pop on a comfy harness and visit one of these locations for inspiring vistas and wonderful walking trails. Your dog will love getting to sniff new scents and see new sights. You'll love watching them explore and play.

City Scavenger Hunts

Think you know your hometown? Prove it! Show off your navigation skills on an expert-level walk. There are lots of scavenger hunt apps and maps, and even companies that run them in cities all over. Get a new appreciation for your hometown, or explore a new city with your pup.

Sit! Stay! Staycation!

For an unforgettable weekend, find the nicest pet-friendly hotel in your hometown. Book a weekend stay and enjoy some pampering and luxury. Order room service together and enjoy all the amenities your hotel of choice has to offer.

Paw Print Painting

Everybody loves a painting class, and many studios offer dog-friendly options! Some studios hold paint-and-sip nights where you make pet portraits.

You can enjoy a fun evening and immortalize your beloved bestie in their very own portrait. Other classes bring your dog in on the action. They let you dip your pup's paws in paint and together, you make a colorful creation.

Farmers' Market Fun

Most farmers' markets welcome dogs. Have fun sampling local produce and let your dog pick out some healthy treats. Farmers' market offerings change with the seasons. So there will be something new to see and do whenever you visit!

Canine Kayaking

This is a great activity for dogs, even dogs that might be afraid of getting in the water! Not all dogs love swimming, but most dogs are happy to sit in a kayak or canoe with you as you paddle along. They'll enjoy the ride and the new views.

For really adventurous dogs (and pet parents), you can even try stand-up paddle boarding! Afterwards, relax by the water or play on the beach for a bit before going home.

Do The Downward Dog At Dog Yoga

A big trend at yoga studios is puppy yoga. This is a class where you go through a yoga flow and your dog gets to watch! Your dog will get to mingle with other dogs and meet new people. They will enjoy the squishy comfort of their own yoga mat, and who knows? They might even join in!

Visit A Pet Fest

Many towns hold holidays for dogs, or have pet festivals as part of their annual street fests and block parties. These events will let your pup participate in pet parades and fun contests. There are often events that let you show off your dog's tricks, costume contests, pet look-alike contests, and other games. Your dog will have a great time, and so will you!

There are so many things you can do with your dog! To find out more, check out the Joyride Blog, where we have lots of ideas for having fun with your pet. No matter where you are or what time of year it is, there's always time for some great quality time and good memories with your pup.


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