Holiday Gifting for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Presents

Holiday Gifting for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Presents

The winter holidays are just around the corner! Do you have a gift for your furry friend yet? It’s always fun to include dogs in your holiday plans. While dogs don’t really understand the holidays like we do, they like to spend time with us. They want to be included in family activities! One good way to include them is to give them a special dog-safe holiday feast. Another way is to get them a present, too. 

But what’s the best gift for a dog? At Joyride Harness, we know a thing or two about great gifts for dogs. We’ve made a list and checked it twice– these gifts are perfect for dogs who are naughty or nice! 

LED Light Harness

If your dog is a party animal or a total night owl, our brand new LED Light-Up Harness is the perfect present for them. Many dogs appreciate a nighttime walk, but walking in the dark comes with a lot of safety concerns. That’s where this light-up harness shines– literally!

You will love the bright LED that goes all the way around the main body of the harness. It’s a great safety feature that looks super cool. And most importantly, this bright light makes it much easier for drivers to see your dog in the dark. With an LED on the harness body and a big reflective patch on the chest strap, this harness is a major safety upgrade for your evening activity.

Special Edition Charity Harness

Does your rescue pup want to honor their roots? Do you want to support shelter dogs? The Best Friends Animal Society Special Edition Harness is the gift that gives back. Every Joyride purchase supports our Paw It Forward initiative, which has helped thousands of shelter dogs.

Through this program, we’ve been able to raise over $210,000 for dog rescues across the US, and over $35,000 for Dogs Without Borders. This harness features Best Friends Animal Society’s adorable logo as a printed design. It lets you show off that shelter dog swag!

Biodegradable Poop Bags

This is prefect practical gift for dog parents. These aren't your typical cheaply made poop bags that rip, tear, and leak. Not only that, they are biodegradable made with cornstarch, earth-friendly, and come in our original blue color print!

Plus, they are SO STRONG and 100% leakproof. You've never seen poo bags like these before.

Seasonal Harnesses

Show off your dog’s style with a seasonal harness! Winter, summer, spring, and fall– we have harnesses for them all! Our gorgeous seasonal patterns include looks for every dog. 

Maybe your pup would love to romp through autumn leaves in a Fall Plaid pattern. Or maybe they’ll sniff spring flowers in our Blossoming Bees harness. Summer is perfect for sunning in our Tie Dye harness. And our winter designs are perfect for the holidays! Image your pup posing for holiday cards in our Holiday Sweater harness. Maybe you want to look at the lights together in a glow-in-the-dark Navy Wonderland harness.

All of our seasonal designs have the same great Joyride features you know and love. They go on and off in seconds. They have multiple attachment points to prevent pulling. They fit any size and shape of dog, and they don’t put uncomfortable pressure on your dog’s neck. They are vet-approved and designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. They just have different patterns that all look great! The hardest part about choosing a seasonal Joyride is picking which one you’ll get. After all, these harnesses are tough and can handle any adventure. They’re the last harness you’ll ever need to buy! 

Thousands of pet parents just like you trust the Joyride Harness to keep their beloved furry companions safe on walks. Come see what all the fuss is about– read our reviews for yourself to see how happy your dog could be in a Joyride. Then, shop the Joyride for your dog. It really is the perfect holiday present for your pup! 

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