Balancing Work and Dog Ownership: Fulfilling Your Desire for Quality Time

Balancing Work and Dog Ownership: Fulfilling Your Desire for Quality Time

Having a dog in your life is incredibly rewarding! But it comes with some challenges, especially when you have a full-time job or are a full-time student. Balancing work and your pet parenting responsibilities can be tough. That's what we're going to help you with today! We'll talk about some of the practical strategies you can use to balance work time and dog time.

Balancing Strategies

Here are some key tips you can use to balance your time and make sure that your dog feels like they're getting enough attention.

Make a Routine

Dogs feel safer and happier when they know what to expect every day. Try feeding them at the same times in the morning and evening and taking them out for a walk after dinner. This routine helps your dog understand when it's time to play, eat, or rest.

Play and Exercise

Taking your dog out for a walk is not just good for their health; it's also fun for both of you. It's a great way to develop your bond. You can also play games like fetch in the backyard or inside the house, which keeps your dog active and entertained. Try playing with your dog before you leave for work so that they're tired and happy when you go.

Interactive Toys

Toys that keep your dog busy and challenge their mind are fun for them. They give them something to think about while you're gone. You can get toys that hide treats inside, as well as puzzle toys. You can also get toys that automatically throw treats, creating a way to play with your dog remotely.

Doggy Daycare or Walker

If your dog likes other dogs, consider doggy daycare. Doggy daycare is a great option for social dogs. They get to meet other dogs and play while you're busy. And the staff at a doggy daycare will make sure that your pup gets plenty of attention throughout the day! Another good option is a dog walker. You can hire somebody to take your dog for a walk and keep them company. Apps like Wag and Rover are good ways to find somebody to help walk your dog during the day.

Teach Independence

Get your pup used to the idea of you leaving from time to time. Start by going out for a few minutes and coming back so your dog knows you'll always return. Gradually make these outings longer, and each time you return, give them a treat or a pat for being a good dog. They'll quickly learn that you'll always come back for them.

Bring Your Dog to Work

Some jobs let you bring your dog to the office. This is fun because your dog can meet your friends, and you won't worry about them being alone. But make sure that your office is dog-friendly first, and always get permission!

Use Technology

Pet cameras let you see your dog when you're not home. Some even have a speaker, so you can talk to your dog or hear them bark! These often connect to your phone so that you can have access to your dog whenever you want.

Balance Work and Dog Time

When it's time to play, focus only on your dog. Put your phone away and spend time petting, playing, or just chilling together. Your dog will love your full attention!

Common Problems and Solutions

There are some problems that often come up when your dog is getting used to you leaving for the day. Here are some ways to deal with them!

Separation Anxiety

Dogs might feel sad because they miss you. This can also make them nervous, which often means they don't eat and are very distressed. Leaving a piece of your clothing, like an old shirt, with your smell can comfort them while you're away. You can leave the TV on at a low volume to create background noise, making them feel more comfortable, too. If your dog has bad separation anxiety, you may need to talk to your vet.

Not Enough Exercise

Active dogs need a way to burn off energy during the day. If you work close to home, make it part of your routine to come back on your lunch break for a walk. If you can't do that, strongly consider hiring a dog walker. You can also play active games before you leave for work, like tug-of-war with a rope toy.

Boredom and Being Naughty

Sometimes bored dogs can get a little destructive and chew on things they shouldn't. You need to find a way to keep them engaged during the day! Try puzzle toys or treat-dispensing toys. Hiring a dog walker to come visit during the day also works great for these dogs.

Looking after a dog while you're busy needs planning, but millions of pet parents make it work. You can, too! By using these tips and fixing common problems, you'll have a happy dog even when you're busy. Remember, being a good dog owner means finding a good balance for both you and your furry friend!

For more tips on taking care of your dog, check out the Joyride Blog. We love to share information that makes life with your dog a joy!


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