Why Bone Broth is Great For Dogs

Why Bone Broth is Great For Dogs

Your dog’s overall health can tie into what they’re consuming, and with the fall season approaching, you might be pulling out broth for yourself. Why not consider bringing out the bone broth for your fur baby too?

There are so many benefits for dogs that come from bone broth and the nutrition that comes from joint bones with cartilage. Here’s why bone broth is great for dogs!

#1 - Bone broth can help with maintaining a healthy gut.

The gelatin that comes with bone broth helps promote a healthy gut because it seals up holes in the lining of the intestines that may come about. The more small holes in the lining there are, the more likely your dog will face bacterial issues in their gut in addition to stress and poor eating. 

#2 - Bone broth helps with detoxing your dog’s liver.

The availability of amino acid glycine helps determine how well your dog’s liver will be able to detox. Bone broth comes to the rescue as an aid to boost the functionality of your dog’s liver because it contains this needed amino acid glycine. Keep in mind, your dog is technically a low-rider, being closer to the ground and any chemicals and ingredients that have been used on different surfaces even outdoors.

#3 - Bone broth can boost the immune system of sick dogs.

We previously mentioned glycine that is found in bone broth. This also helps with dogs who have fallen ill and cannot get the nutrition from their standard foods. Because there’s glycine in bone broth, the need for protein is cut down by 50%, making it easier to provide them the nutrition they need when their appetite is not entirely there. 

You can prepare bone broth for your fur baby effectively with the help of a crockpot. The key is to let it cook for a lengthy duration to draw out the nutrition from the bones. Here’s what you should do:

  • Use raw or cooked bones complete with the cartilage (joint bones)
  • Place the bones in the crockpot (or in a stovetop pot) completely submerged in water
  • Add three (3) tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to further draw the minerals out from the bones
  • Let your crockpot run on its highest setting for the initial hour or two, and then switch to slow cook for the rest of the day

Pro-tip: You don’t have to have your dog consume the broth in one go. You can store extra bone broth in tupperware containers and freeze until the next time it’s needed.

Keep in mind though that bone broth is not a replacement for bones in a raw diet and should be treated like a supplement in most cases.

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