Where in the World is Pug Life Harness?

Where in the World is Pug Life Harness?

Where in the world is Pug Life Harness?

Shopping online is always a shot in the dark. With large online stores operating with one-day shipping turnarounds, those are usually the first points to hit for shopping with peace of mind. When Googling dog harnesses in particular, you’re bound to pull up quite the lengthy list of results.

In the mix, you’re bound to find Pug Life Harness. A huge question lingers over you when shopping online. Is this a legitimate product and business?

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While being a family owned small business out of Los Angeles, the company has grown exponentially over the last year. Customer reviews are in the thousands with satisfied dog parents enjoying walks with their new harness. With more attention comes the higher probability that we find copycats.

Numerous customers have reached out to us wondering if we’re aware of the companies that are using our images and videos to promote the supposed harnesses that are in their store.

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We’re here to report the facts! Where can you properly find the Pug Life Harness?

At this time, Pug Life Harness is only offered at To further clarify, the Pug Life Harnesses are not available through third party vendors or websites nor do we have a brick and mortar where the harnesses are available. Any Pug Life Harness purchased through a different website is a fake harness and not ours!

We’ve rounded up a few common questions that customers ask us regarding this and the availability of the Pug Life Harness.

Where are you located?

Pug Life Harness is based out of Los Angeles, California. We do have several warehouses across the United States that were put in place to handle regional shipping.

Do you offer wholesale prices for the harnesses?

At this time, the Pug Life Harness is exclusive to We do, however, offer discounts for large quantities which you can inquire about through the contact form on our website.

I don’t live in the United States. Will I be able to get the harness?

We do ship internationally, but to certain countries. Presently, we ship to Canada, Australia, and the UK. This may be subject to change so keep an eye out for updates!

I’ve been charged for an order but haven’t received a confirmation. I’m worried that I ordered with a copycat website. How can I confirm this?

Please reach out to us through the contact form using the e-mail address associated with your order with a screenshot of your bank statement. If confirmed that the order was indeed through us, our agent will be available to resend the confirmation (this usually happens if the email address is typed in wrong or the confirmation went to spam)! If the order is confirmed as through a different ‘company’, it will be advised to open a chargeback case with your bank. 

I’ve been seeing numerous ads on Facebook and Instagram using Pug Life Harness images and videos. What should I do?

If the ads take you to Pug Life Harness, rest assured it’s the legitimate product! If not, it’s a copycat. In the latter cases, please send it as a direct message to our Facebook and Instagram! We’d be uber grateful.

We do what we can to fill you in on all the happenings at Pug Life Harness! Should you need more resources, please check out the bottom of our page for our FAQ as well as the Harness Info & Updates section of our blog.

Have further questions regarding this post? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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We ordered a pug life harness for our terrier mix 18 lb dog. She had a harness that she outgrew and did not like to put on. It required her front legs to go through holes and it did not fit her chest well.
It seemed to take a long time for the harness to come, when it did come the timing was perfect since we were going on a trip and needed a good fitting, easy on/off harness.
While visiting a family member we were in the garden collecting flower seeds with my dog in her harness and leash, when their large dog broke its chain and attacked my dog with full intent to kill.
It was an desperate scene for 5 to 10 minutes. My dog was injured. I believe that the harness protected her from more severe injury. The harness has many teeth marks on it, and was damaged so that it is not usable, but my dog was able to get away to safety with minor injuries.

Lynn and Victoria Frisbey

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