When To Clean My Dog's Ears? Signs and Symptoms

When To Clean My Dog's Ears? Signs and Symptoms

As dog parents, we get that keeping our pups' ears clean is a big part of their daily care. 

But your dog isn't exactly a big fan of having their ears inspected and cleaned, so when doing so, do your best to work with your dog to make the experience as positive as possible. 

Before you learn how to clean dog ears, it’s important to understand when you should clean them—and just as importantly, when it’s best to seek your vet’s advice instead.

Checking Dogs Ears

Signs Your Dog's Ears Need Cleaning:

Once a week is best to check your dog’s ears for signs of irritation, infection, dirt, sensitivity, and parasites such as ear mites. This are the other things you have watch out for: 

  • Bad Odor: A strong smell indicates possible infection.
  • Excessive Scratching or Head Shaking: This suggests discomfort in the ears.
  • Visible Redness or Swelling: Signs of potential irritation or infection.
  • Discharge or Crusts: Any unusual discharge or crusts around the ears are red flags.
  • Behavioral Changes: Whining or balance issues can be related to ear problems.

      Quick Tips for Proper Ear Cleaning:

      Taking care of your dog's ears is super important, but you've got to make sure you're doing it right to avoid any harm. Here are some tips: 

      • Use Vet-Recommended Supplies: Opt for a proper ear-cleaning solution and soft materials like cotton balls.
      • Be Gentle: Ears are sensitive, so clean them with care to avoid discomfort.
      • Correct Technique: Apply the cleaning solution, massage the base of the ear gently, allow your dog to shake their head, and then wipe away debris softly.
      • Regular Checks: Incorporate ear checks into your weekly pet care routine.
      • Positive Reinforcement: Reward your dog after cleaning to make the experience pleasant.
      • Seek Professional Help if Needed: Consult a vet if you notice any concerning signs or if your dog resists ear cleaning.

          If you aren’t sure whether your dog should get their ears clean regularly, ask your vet to examine your pup. They can determine if there’s a reason to avoid ear cleanings.

          For more important pet care tips, check out the Joyride Blog. We want you and your dog to be as safe as possible!


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