What is DOGust? Celebrating Shelter Dogs Worldwide

What is DOGust? Celebrating Shelter Dogs Worldwide

Have you ever heard of the holiday known as DOGust? It takes place every year on August 1st, and it’s such a loving, dog-oriented holiday that goes under the radar by most. But let’s ask you this: Have you ever adopted a dog from the shelter and you didn’t know when they were born? You just had a rough estimate like the month and year? How are you to celebrate birthdays for your fur baby without knowing the exact day they were born? There’s an answer.

That’s where DOGust steps in.

August 1st, or DOGust, is now the United States’ birthday celebration for all shelter dogs without an official birthday. To clarify, this date was picked for DOGust by the North Shore Animal League America and applies to any shelter dog who doesn’t have a birth date on record

This is more than a birthday though. This is an opportunity to spread awareness about shelter dogs with an emphasis on promoting normalizing adoptions of shelter animals who are looking for their forever homes. DOGust is all about giving animals in need the kindness and love they deserve, so what next?

What can you do to celebrate this holiday annually on August 1st?

The best way to celebrate DOGust is to think of the shelter dogs and giving back. Here are some recommended activities that come from


  • Donate your time to a shelter
    While monetary donations are helpful, shelters always need more volunteers. This DOGust, contact your local shelter for information on ways to help.
  • Pamper your adopted canine
    If you have an adopted dog, pamper him/her more than you usually do. A plush bed or a longer-than-usual day at the park. Anything that your furry friend likes.
  • Make it a Complete Dog Day
    Shelters can always use dog toys, supplies, food, leashes, and much more to help them tend to dogs in need. If you got something to give away, help your shelter out!

    We’d like to add to that list by encouraging you to speak up and spread the word about your local shelter and the dogs that are waiting for a loving person or family to come adopt them.

    If you’re residing in the United States, chances are your local animal shelter celebrates DOGust. Each year prior to August 1st, or DOGust, reach out to your local shelter and see what events they may be holding in celebration of the shelter dogs’ birthdays or opportunities to help whether it’s through donations (items they may be in need of) or spending time with some of the shelter dogs. 

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