Treat Yoself: Dog Eat Cookie World

Treat Yoself: Dog Eat Cookie World


December 4th is National Cookie Day. As we sit here trying to science the cookie-to-Santa ratio in preparation for Christmas Eve, we also wonder… what’s better than a tray filled with delectable treats like cookies? How about dogs enjoying their cookie treats? We sent our Happiness Team to survey the internet realm and compile the happiest of images to celebrate this fun faux holiday.

Hold onto your device because the cuteness may be too much to handle. We almost didn’t make it assembling this for you.

10. Don’t worry, Annabelle! Santa Paws will surely share his cookies with you. If he doesn’t, you let us know. (Source: @blueyedbulldog)

9. Bear the Doodle is clearly of the regal ‘Good Boy’ variety and enjoys his Buddy Biscuits. 10/10 would bake with you. (Source: @bear_and_his_boy)

8. Hunter the Shiba Inu about to throw down with Frosty the Snowman during a meltdown. 💪(Source:

7. “Leo is the President of the Taste Testing Division, he approves these beautifully decorated Peanut Butter & Pumpkin cookies!” (Source: @thelickerstorecanada)

6. You are what you eat, doggo friend! (Source: @uniqueandchic_creations)

5. “Yup! That’s me.” In the best way possible. (Source: @pepper.corn.pug)

4. We’ve solved the Case of the Cookie Jar Culprit! (Source: @indielperro)

3. Us: How could someone eat something so beautiful? Doggo: Watch. (Source: @2chicksandacookie)

2. I’ll take the lot! (Source: @ingolf_the_pug)

1. Rosé all day! We’ll cheers to that! (Source: @bobbyandbambisdogbakery)

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