Tips For Grooming Your Dog's Nails & Paws

Tips For Grooming Your Dog's Nails & Paws

Can't make it to the groomer during the COVID-19 pandemic? Grooming services can get costly when the budget is limited, and while it's important for you to put a grooming brush to your dog's coat, there are other things that need grooming: your dog's nails.

Trimming your dog's nails and taking care of their paws is more important than you think. The manicure isn't for aesthetic purposes.

Why is it important to trim your dog's nails?

When your dog's nails get too long, your pup can experience discomfort and difficulty with walking. Applying pressure to the paw pads with overgrown nails can cause pain and potentially other health issues that may call for a trip to the veterinarian.

What happens if you skip nail trims?

As a result of overgrowth, your pup may experience a load of hurt. Long nails can lead to splitting and breaking which is incredibly uncomfortable for any pup or puppy. Then, as a result of the splitting and breaking, your dog's paws may get infected.

Other consequences include limiting your dog's mobility - walking and running - in addition to deformities. All this can be avoided with regular grooming whether it be a professional groomer at a grooming salon or you holding nail clippers.

But trimming dog nails is scary...

Fear is probably a driving factor to why you would schedule a grooming appointment just to trim nails. You have doubts about yourself and think your dog is in good hands with the professional groomer over you. It's normal! We ALL feel this way, honestly, especially with knowing that if you get too close to the "quick" (the sensitive part inside the nail that contains blood vessels) your dog may bleed.

But when you have no other choice, it's clippers, nail clippers, and other grooming accessories for you.

How To Trim Your Dog's Nails

  • Using a pair of quality dog nail clippers, and while holding your dog's paw pad firmly yet gently, cut excess nail below the quick at a 45 degree angle.
  • Remember you can always trim closer if you need to trim in smaller increments.
  • If you do accidentally cut your dog's quick, pack on corn starch to stop the bleeding and contact your trusted veterinarian for advisory on the next steps.

Other Accessories

Grooming your dog's nails is a lot more easier now than it was years ago. We have more tools and accessories available now that even groomers use at at a grooming salon. There are automatic nail grinders that can take the place of nail clippers, there are nail files, and there are different styles of nail clippers for different grip holds. The grooming care doesn't stop there. Also in the grooming market, balms and treatments for your dog's paws.

You might miss the salon and grooming salon, but over time, you'll get adjusted to grooming your pup's nails! Consider it a promotion: pet owner to Pup Parent Hero! Thanks to your mindfulness of your pup's nail care, you remove risk of trips to the vet caused by nail disasters.

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