The Puppy Announcement: 7 Ideas To Announce Your New Puppy's Arrival

The Puppy Announcement: 7 Ideas To Announce Your New Puppy's Arrival

So you're thinking about taking the big step: Getting a puppy! In this decade, fur babies have infiltrated nearly every facet of lifestyles. They've become a huge part of all of our lives and in ways, we feel like they're our children.

One popular trend common with soon-to-be dog owners is to put a spin on the old-fashioned baby announcement and make it a puppy announcement. It's a fun way to introduce a new puppy into the family and is more often done on social media.

Note: This blog post contains puppy announcement ideas that occur on social media and in-person. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, social media announcements may be the better way to go until the country comfortably and safely stands on four feet.

Alright, new puppy parents! Are you ready for some great ways to announce your new furry family member? Let's dive into 7 ideas to announce your new puppy's arrival.

1. The Standard Baby Announcement Mockup

Most baby announcements take place online on social media. Some soon-to-be parents share photos of sonograms while others get creative. For example, an expecting couple posts a photo of three pairs of shoes; two pairs are adult shoes while the third pair are baby shoes.

You can take this concept and spin it in a fun way for your fur baby. Try this idea! Take a flatlay photo (bird's eye view) of chewed up shoes surrounding your new pet's collar.

(Image Source: Pinterest)

2. The Puppy Pregnancy ("Expecting") Photoshoot

This idea is getting some traction online and we love it! You want a puppy announcement idea with personality? Show off your new pup with this creative idea that doubles as a great way to start building memories with your pup.

Find and book a photographer for a pregnancy shoot but do be sure to explain to them the concept so they're not shocked to find paws in place of a pregnant belly. Your photographer will take "before" photos which you will pretend to have a belly. The after photos, of course, would be with the new pup.

(Image: Photographed by Carlye Allen)

3. The Formal Announcement

If you're a fan of sending greeting cards regularly, this is the idea for you. Get a photo of your puppy or new dog and find an Etsy seller that creates custom illustrations. You can have them illustrate you, any other relevant family member, your new pup, and depending on the Etsy seller, you could have them design it specifically for a dog announcement; the dog's name included.

Note: Some fonts may not be available depending on the artist. Browse through previous work and you typically can see what kind of font styles are used.

When the Etsy seller is done with the project, you'll more than likely receive a digital file (via instant download) which you can have printed through Walgreens or any other printing service you have access to.

(Image: KGPaperBoutique on Etsy)

4. The Family Dog Announcement

A little off course from this blog post, but just as relevant: If you have a big family with kids, sometimes the greatest gift is seeing their reactions to a new pet. This idea is simple but makes for great memories: Swaddle your puppy in a towel and gently place them in a laundry basket. Then lightly place some clothes around you pup in the basket. When you're ready (and the camera is rolling), bring the laundry basket to your kids and tell them they have some clothes to fold.

Will they be startled by the movement in the basket? Will they smile and cry seeing the new dog or pup?

(Image: YouTube)

5. The Adoption Celebration "Photobooth" Shoot

Pick a theme that best fits your new dog or pup's personality, and get some costumes and props! Make sure the one with the paws is the center of attention in this photo. Take things up a notch by going online to see if there is an instant download of a printable "Welcome Home" sign. There are Etsy sellers who can customize your digital file.

When you're ready with your camera (selfie mode and timer), pose as a family with your dog and get at least 4 photos that you love. You can then use an app to create one single image that looks like the photos were printed in a photobooth.

(Image: Pinterest)

6. The Dog Is Expecting Announcement

Here's a different circumstance! Your pup is pregnant! Yup. There's a litter of puppies on the way and this litter will need some new homes, but you want to make it special for your dog so you decide to send out invites to a puppy shower.

Get a photo of your dog looking like the radiant momma she is and create a new puppy announcement and invitation to your dog's puppy shower.

(Image: Enchanted Hills Photography)

7. The TikTok Announcement

TikTok and Instagram Reels makes it so fun for people to create videos. When you have a new dog or new pet, you feel like you're walking on sunshine. Create a video montage of your new puppy and if you have videos of the remainder of the litter to include at the start of the new puppy announcement, you really add to the experience of this new chapter you're embarking on!

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