The Dog Harness That Saved These Dog's Lives

The Dog Harness That Saved These Dog's Lives

A Note to the Reader: This post includes accounts of dog attacks with some graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.

*Disclaimer: The Pug Life Harness is NOT a bullet proof vest or life preserver. The accounts shared in this post are attributed to the material but in no way was designed specifically to prevent critical injuries. 

When we welcome new dogs into our families, we shower them with the love they deserve and the basic needs of survival: food, water, a roof over their head. We even read up on the foods that may be hazardous to them.

Despite the gloomy cloud that lingers over our minds about the safety of our furbabies, there are some things we don’t expect to happen. For example, a dog on dog attack.

The Pug Life Harness staff reads customer submitted reviews for the harness every single day. We see quite a spectrum of reviews from the harness being worn by pigs and cats to puppies that are growing splendidly into their harness and more.

Over the last several months, we received a number of harness reviews that tell different experiences - ones that come bittersweet due to the nature of the review but shows positive for the ultimate outcome. Those experiences? How the Pug Life Harness saved their dogs from a dog attack.

No one ever wants to hear about a dog going through something so traumatic. We sure a heck don’t, but we were happy to hear Pug Life Harness aided in the situations that follow. We reached out to the dog parents who left the reviews to check in on how things were going and to learn more about how the harness prevented what could have been even worse.



Jocelyn is the proud dog parent of her Yorkie Poo named Lemmy. Turning 3 years old in July, he happily wears his Pug Life Harness on his walks.

One day, Jocelyn’s husband was walking Lemmy through their usual neighborhood route when they spotted a young boy with a larger dog on a collar and leash. Before they knew it, that dog came for Lemmy. Jocelyn’s husband stood over the larger dog to pry his mouth off of Lemmy who was so small he was practically in his mouth. Once freed, both Lemmy and his doggo sibling took off for home.

We asked Jocelyn for details on how the harness acted in favor of Lemmy’s safety she replied, “I think the harness saved his life because the big dog got his teeth stuck in the harness itself so he couldn’t puncture anymore of Lemmy’s body. Lemmy was very lucky!”

The harness took the hit and Pug Life Harness happily sent Lemmy a new harness to continue his walks safely.


Joanne is also a proud parent to a loveable doggo. At seven and a half years old, Vimy is a Terrier/Schnauzer mix who wears his Pug Life Harness on walks at least three times a day.

In early February, Joanne was out walking Vimy with her neighbor when they noticed a woman walking their way with her Husky. Joanne had an uneasy feeling considering this was a person and dog she had never seen in the neighborhood before.

“I immediately reined in Vimy on his retractable [leash] and brought him right beside me, but it wasn't enough. That husky was on Vimy in a flash and basically tried to kill him, by jumping on his neck and viciously biting him,” Joanne shared.

Even during the horrifying incident, the woman with the husky paid no care to what was happening before her and continued talking on her cellphone. Joanne and her neighbor shouted to get the woman’s attention, but she paid no attention or care.

Joanne was finally able to pull the dog off of her Vimy, and while in shock, she watched the woman walk away still talking on her cell phone. Vimy experienced three puncture wounds with one of them noted to be very deep. The vet prescribed antibiotics, anti-inflammatory pills, and medicated ointment to treat Vimy.

We asked Joanne how she felt the harness aided in preventing what could have been a more disastrous attack:

The harness was wide on my Vimy's back, and the Husky wasn't able to grab Vimy by the scruff of his neck and shake him, which I am sure is what he wanted to do. One of that dog's canine teeth left a mark in the harness, but he wasn't able to puncture the harness. Therefore, his bites went in at an angle, and were not as severe as they might have been, although they were bad. The harness is very solidly made, with good materials, and is thick and padded.

Our hearts are deeply saddened by the trauma these two furbabies experienced, and no words can express how happy we are to hear they are okay. Pug Life Harness began with the mission to provide comfort and aided support in walks, but never in a million years did we expect to hear accounts such as this.

We thank Jocelyn and Joanne for their time retelling these stories to us, and we hope that you find comfort in knowing we have you and your doggo’s back.

*All images of Lemmy and Vimy were provided to Pug Life Harness by their owners with permission to use in this interview piece. Should you have any questions, please fill out the contact form on our website and an agent will be in touch.

*Disclaimer: The Pug Life Harness is NOT a bullet proof vest or life preserver. The accounts shared in this post are attributed to the material but in no way was designed specifically to prevent critical injuries. 

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Ordering tonight— 6/4/19.
Red harness — XL Red & Red “seat belt”.
Hope it will fit my 68 lb. male boxer
As you know boxers have the barrell chest .
Thanks in advance for the return pre-paid policy if it cannot properly.

Thnx also for the discounted prices & honest reviews with photos.

charles linker

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