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We’ve got the poop scoop for those of you who are new dog parents or soon-to-be new dog parents! Before 2019 wrapped up, we, at Joyride Harness, released an amazing product on the site that’s made available to you as soon as you checkout. 

Introducing the Ultimate Dog Owner’s Kit!

This is a digital download bundle that contains informational ebooks tackling different aspects of taking care of a dog. The titles include the following:

  • Dog Owner’s Handbook
  • Dog Potty Training
  • Dog Obedience
  • How To Stop a Barking Dog

Being a dog parent can be ruff at times, but when you're prepared for the journey ahead, it's a much smoother process. Preparation comes in many forms so consider the ebooks previously mentioned. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect in each ebook included in the Ultimate Dog Owner’s Kit. 

Dog Owner's Handbook (40 pages)

  • Understanding the differences between purebred and mutt dogs
  • What to expect when adopting dogs of different ages
  • Things to consider when doing obedience training for your dog
  • Vaccinations, health and diet management
  • Dealing with pesky allergies and infestations
  • Canine dental care
  • Traveling with your dog


Dog Potty Training (28 pages)

  • What to expect when it comes to potty training
  • Determining if training is suited indoors or outdoors with your situation
  • Getting a regular routine going
  • Proper supervision until your dog is properly potty trained
  • How to train a dog to relieve themselves on the spot
  • Preventing accidents from occurring
  • Medical issues that cause dogs to soil in the house
  • Do's and don'ts of housetraining


Dog Obedience (20 pages)

  • How to handle excessive barking, howling, and whining
  • Preventing your dog from chasing people, objects, and things
  • Dealing with aggressive behaviors
  • Eliminating your dog's urge to chew
  • The importance of getting your dog to stop pulling and tugging on a leash
  • Addressing different types of urination stemming from behavioral problems
  • How to get your dog to heed your call
  • Taking responsibility and preventing your dog from escaping home
  • Keeping your dog from engaging in dog fights
  • What to do when your dog has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)


How To Stop a Barking Dog (28 pages)

  • Understanding why your dog barks
  • Knowing the different types of barking
  • How to carry out "Quiet Training"
  • How to reduce barking
  • Instincts that pushes dogs to bark
  • How to handle excessive whining 
  • Answers to commonly asked questions regarding barking


The bundle was originally priced at $60 but is currently discounted to $14.95 so this is a barking good deal for those scoping out informational sources as new dog parents. You can find the product page at THIS LINK, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via social media or through our contact form here: CLICK HERE

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