The Benefits of an LED Light Harness

The Benefits of an LED Light Harness

It's usually best to walk your dog when it's light out. But if you have to walk your dog in the dark, don't worry! Here are some easy ways to stay safe:

  • Know when the sun sets so you don't end up in the dark unexpectedly. This is super important in winter when it gets dark early.
  • Walk where there are street lights. Stick to places you know well so you won't get any spooky surprises in the dark.
  • Bring a flashlight with you. Your phone's light works, but it can make your phone die fast. A real flashlight won't distract you, and you can keep an eye on what's around you and your dog better.
  • Wear clothes that are easy to see in the dark, like light colors. Dark clothes make you blend in too much at night.
  • Use reflective gear for you and your dog. You can get a dog harness with shiny strips on it. This helps cars see your dog from any direction.

Following these tips can help keep you and your dog safe during those night-time walks!


The tips for being seen with your dog at night are helpful, but they have limits. Holding a flashlight means one hand is always taken, which is tricky if your dog is strong and needs both hands to manage.

Light clothes are a start, but they might not be enough. And reflective strips on your dog’s harness can sometimes be missed by drivers.

The best solution? An LED light harness for your dog. These are really bright and catch drivers' attention much better than reflective materials.

An ideal LED dog harness should be bright, have a long-lasting battery, and offer different light modes. But, comfort is key. Choose a harness that’s soft, fits well, and is easy to use. The LED lights are a great feature, but they shouldn't compromise the harness's quality or comfort.

Remember, a good fit is crucial for safety, too. The harness shouldn’t be too tight or loose. A handle on the harness is great for quick control, like helping your dog into the car or navigating stairs.

We’ve got you covered! because…

The Joyride LED harness is perfect for your dog. It's the same popular harness but now with bright LED lights. It's safe, comfortable, and fits any dog, big or small. The bright light means your dog is visible at night.

After charging, the harness light lasts 6-8 hours. It goes around the harness, so your dog is visible from all sides. You can set the LED to blink quickly, slowly, or stay on continuously.

This harness is great for walking your dog. It helps prevent pulling, making walks more enjoyable and safe. Plus, the front of the harness is extra reflective, adding another layer of safety for your dog.

At Joyride, we like to take things one step further. We love having fun, but we're super serious when it comes to safety. That's why every aspect of our harness is designed with your pup's safety in mind. Check out what thousands of pet parents have to say about our harness, and then shop the Joyride LED for your own pup! 

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