Should I Stop My Dog From Drinking Toilet Water?

Should I Stop My Dog From Drinking Toilet Water?

It’s an ordinary day. You’re minding your own business. You walk around the house and you hear the lapping of a dog’s tongue coming from the bathroom. You already know what’s happening, but for some reason you’re in denial and are walking to the bathroom to debunk your suspicions. 


Your suspicions were right. Your doggo is wearing a toilet mask. Their head is below the seatline and they’re enjoying happy hour with the water coming from your porcelain throne. Immediately you begin to freak out or panic and instruct your dog to stop doing what they’re doing. There’s maybe a little bit of struggle, but you successfully get your dog out of the bathroom and think to yourself I’m not letting that fur baby lick me in the face for the next 24 hours. Yeah. Good luck with that!

So why do we have this reaction? It’s probably because it is a private space where we relieve ourselves, but the more important question is….

Is it safe for my dog to drink toilet water?

Let’s start with the why of dogs drinking water. Why do our fur baby friends decide to pick the toilet to get their hydration fix from instead of their water bowl? This applies to cats as well, but it comes at no shock that dogs lean towards fresh water. That phrase doesn’t really get paired with toilet water, but when you think about it, each flush you do brings in a rush of water which gives it more of a freshness as opposed to water in a dish that’s been sitting there all day. Your dog is going to go for the water he or she wants and that’s going to be cleaner, cooler water. The toilet is ideal because:

  • The porcelain enclosure keeps the temperature of the water cooler.
  • Each flush oxygenates the water.

So should I let my dog keep doing that?

While it is technically safe for your dogs to drink toilet water, there are other things that come into play that make the answer a hard no. Think about your bathroom cleaners, things you might be flushing down the toilet, etc. Chemicals always pose a risk to your dog’s health and there are potential microorganisms that could upset your dog’s stomach, so it’s best to try and break the habit by giving your dog the water they want. 

Here’s what you should try:

  • Child proof locks to keep the toilet lid(s) down
  • A water fountain
  • Switch out the water more often
  • Wash the water bowl each time you replenish it
  • Try getting a new water bowl. You might have to test out different ones, but depending on the material the bowl is made of, that may be affecting your dog’s want to drink from it.

This is just a sampling of tips we offer at Joyride Harness. You can find more tips and tricks and how-to’s for caring for your dog on our blog at this section. Feel free to leave a comment with tips you’re looking for!

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