Pixar Short Tells Tale of Dog & Cat Friendship

Pixar Short Tells Tale of Dog & Cat Friendship

Did you really think you could get away without sobbing over wholesome content? Pug Life Harness & Pixar Internet Overlords say NOT TODAY!

Want to skip the spoilers and head to the video? Find it at the bottom of this post!

A Pixar short film that was released earlier this year has gained a lot of traction and attention online. Titled Kitbull, the short film follows a stray kitten on his solo day-to-day life that is until the kitten meets a Pit Bull.

Are you already feeling your eyes swell with tears? Not to sound sadistic, but we’re just getting started!

We promise you this has a happy ending. You see the kitten is a little weary about interacting with the Pit Bull despite the doggo showing no signs of aggression. As a matter of fact, the Pit Bull had numerous attempts at friendly interaction with the kitten, but the kitten wasn’t having it.

After time passes, it becomes apparent the Pit Bull is a victim of dog fights. Luckily we are not subjected to animation depicting these dog fights, but one day a human pushes the Pit Bull out of the building. The Pit Bull is clearly wounded from the fight and the kitten can see that from afar.

The kitten goes to investigate...slowly we might add. Attempts to play were made but the Pit Bull was too deep in sorrow to engage. After stitching that together in their feline brain, the kitten crawls up next to the Pit Bull to snuggle and give comforting licks. The Pit Bull’s tail then begins to wag.

SO MANY FEELS! Even better? Together, they make a grand escape from the grips of the horrible dog fight ring leader and end up finding a forever home! A wonderful ending to what’s otherwise a heartbreaking story.

If we’re looking at this from an analytical standpoint, the kitten could be symbolic of how most people may look at Pit Bulls. There’s this stigma that Pit Bulls were built to be horrible dogs and nothing more than a hospital bill waiting to happen, but that’s simply not true. Dogs become aggressive and out of control due to lack of love and training, added abuse, and neglect. We feel that Pixar was trying to make a statement here and allow us to look from the outside in through the kitten’s eyes.

Although once afraid and standoffish towards the innocent doggo, the kitten found a forever friend in the Pit Bull just as any of us can.

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