Joyride Harness Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Joyride Harness Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring ...except perhaps for the lovable fur baby family member whose tail is wagging away waiting to find what gifts await them in the morning! 

If you’re a dog parent, you, too, are enthusiastic about being unconditionally loved by your fur baby companion. 

This is the season to tap into that enthusiasm more through gift-giving and receiving! After all, you’re here at Joyride Harness because we all speak one universal language: our love for dogs.

What are some gifts that would fit great in a stocking or under the Christmas tree this year?

This year’s holiday gift guide is broken into two parts:

  • Gifts For Him/Her/Them
  • Gifts For Dogs


Dog Paws & White Claws Apparel - Woof and Watson ($24.99 - $39.99)

Woof and Watson has a variety of designs for wearable items like hoodies, shirts, tank tops, and more. This one happened to catch our eye! White Claws have been spiking in popularity thanks to memes and hard seltzer beverage lovers. Imagine the giggles that you’ll hear when the recipient opens this gift!

Dear Mom, Thanks for Picking Up My Poop and Stuff | 11 oz. White Mug - Woof and Watson ($19.99)

This product from Woof and Watson can be personalized to have a photo of your dog(s), or the gift recipient’s dog(s). Dogs give us so much joy each day. Imagine starting the morning with a cup of coffee with your dog’s face. Instant serotonin boost!

If Love Could Have Saved You | Personalized Canvas Wall Art - Woof and Watson ($79.99 - $139.99)

It’s been a rough year for everyone, and that doesn’t even count for the unfortunate fur baby losses this year. This canvas wall art that reads If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Lived Forever can be personalized to have a photo of your dog or the recipient’s dog. It’s a painful thought but a loving reminder of the memories once shared.


White Plaid Dog Harness - Joyride Harness ($34.95 - $44.95)

By the time you gift a harness to a friend or family member for their dog, Christmas designs might not be ideal. You’ll want to gift a harness design that’s a solid color or a design that’s flexible with seasons passing. The White Plaid Dog Harness from Joyride Harness is an example of just that!

Cuddly Donut Dog Bed - Joyride Harness ($49.95 - $99.95)

We’re clearing out our dog beds and they’re too comfy to pass up. Gift a cuddly donut dog bed to your dog or fellow dog lover this holiday season! Note: This is a clearance item from Joyride Harness and is not eligible for returns or exchanges.


2 in 1: Dog Leash/Seatbelt Combo - Joyride Harness ($29.95)

You don’t need a dog seatbelt and a dog leash when you can have two in one! The 2 in 1: Dog Leash/Seatbelt Combo allows users to buckle their dogs into cars for safety, and unbuckle for it to automatically act as a leash. Get to walking right after you park!

Happy Holidays from the Joyride Harness team to you and yours!

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