How to Wash The Joyride Harness

How to Wash The Joyride Harness

One of the greatest pride and joys of the Joyride Harness is knowing that it is easy to wash, but we get a lot of questions about how to wash the Joyride Harness. What is the best way? In this blog post, we share with you information on how to get the best results when washing your pup's Joyride Harness.

Let's start with some frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Q: Can Joyride Harnesses stain?

A: If you're talking grass stains, yes, the harnesses can but it's nothing that a simple wash won't solve. The majority of the Joyride Harness designs and fabrics are capable of withstanding the toughest stains but it's recommended to wash as soon as possible.

Q: Is it okay for my dog to swim in their harness?

A: Yes, it is! The clips and rings will not be affected by outdoor water activities.

Q: Will it work for both my big dog and small dog?

A: Joyride Harnesses are available in sizes extra small through 2XL. You can find the size charts at this link.

Q: Should I wash the harness separately from my own clothes?

A: Yes, especially if you're using hot water when running the washing machine. A hot wash of the harness may cause the dye on the fabric to bleed and potentially stain your other clothes in the wash. For the best results, wash your harness on warm or cool and separate from other clothing and garments or towels.

How to Wash The Joyride Harness

  1. Remove the harness from your dog.
  2. Unbuckle and undo the straps.
  3. Inspect the harness to see if there are tough stains.
  4. Use a paper towel, sponge, or washcloth to take hot water and the right amount of detergent to spot clean stains.
  5. Toss the harness into the washing machine.
  6. Set the wash cycle to small load > Warm (or Cool) settings.
  7. Add the laundry detergent. (Note: Do not use bleach; we recommend liquid detergent)
  8. Turn on the washing machine.

How to Dry The Joyride Harness

The harness is machine dry safe but our team recommends avoiding the dryer and air drying the harness for the sake of longevity. The best way to navigate this comes recommended by a Joyride Harness customer who purchased two harnesses for their pup; the second harness acting as a placeholder for whichever harness is in the washer.

For the best results, find a table or surface that has enough room to lay out the harness completely flat, straps and all. Lay a clean towel down on the table or surface before setting the harness out to dry.

(Image: @floof_pack)

Tip: To prevent the spread of germs and avoid germs taking up residence in your dog's harness, it's recommended to wash it regularly. Check it off your list when you do the laundry every week.

This is just a sampling of tips and informational posts we offer at Joyride Harness. You can find more content including tips and tricks and how-tos for caring for your dog on our blog in this section.

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