How to Put on the Joyride Harness

How to Put on the Joyride Harness
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You’ve landed on one of the best harness sites. Our products range from our staple dog harnesses to leashes and collapsible doggy dish bowls and more! Our harnesses, however, are different from step-in harnesses and other harnesses you might have seen online or in store. Customers are praising Joyride Harness as the best dog harness! Why?
Our lightweight dog harnesses were designed to improve your walking experience with your dog, alleviate if not eliminate pulling for better controland make getting set up for walks a breeze. It doesn’t need to be a hard process, so with our design, we wanted to make its use as easy as possible on both dogs and dog handlers and dog ownersBonus! There are three rings you can clip your leash to on the harness.
Take a look at this video for instructions on how to put on the Joyride Harness. To clarify, Joyride Harness rebranded at the beginning of the year from Pug Life Harness as our products are made for all dogs to enjoy and the name originally caused confusion.
The Joyride Harness is super easy to adjust and put on your dog with two straps involved in the process. Simply read the steps below for instructions on how to put on the dog harness which is also described in the video above.
1. Take the reflective front velcro piece and bring it into the loop as shown in the video. You can make the chest piece smaller OR bigger by the location of where you stick the velcro together. While customers have made alterations to their harnesses for a better fit on slender and skinny dog breeds, we advise you to make an exchange. If alterations are made to our products, we cannot accept returns or exchange the item.
NotePlease consult our size charts for dog harness sizes. You’ll find a chart based on weight and another chart based on girth measurements. You'll need the measurements for your dog's chest especially if your dog has a broad chest. Cross reference the sizes on both to find the best fit, or check out our new Fit Finder tool. For small dogs or toy dogs, harness sizes accommodate smaller fur babies starting at 5 lbs.
2. Adjust the belly piece so that when it is on your dog, it's not too tight or too loose. If it is not properly adjusted to the fit of your dog, they will slip out of the dog harness. The perfect adjustment is that it's not loose and you can still slide two fingers underneath the strap by their elbow.
3. Once it's adjusted to fit your dog, from then on it's simple. Loop the front strap (with the reflective velcro) over your dog’s head and buckle the strap under your dog’s front legs to get it on.
4. Clip your leash to the desired ring on the harness. Your pooch may heel on a specific side so the rings can be helpful in this regard.
5. Make sure to periodically check the size as you may need to adjust it again if your dog gains or loses weight. This may also need to be done whenever your dog visits a groomer and gets a haircut. This harness works great with our seatbelt, you can use either ring to clip it onto the seatbelt so that they don't move around in the car. We've also got other great accessories in our shop.
(Featured Image: @neotheoldeenglishbulldog)
If you have any questions about the use of our products, feel free to contact us through our website or through our live chat. Our support teams are available Monday thru Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.
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