How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated During the Summer

How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated During the Summer

We’re now in the Dog Days of Summer and heat is a prime concern we have when it comes to our fur babies. It’s common sense to not leave your dog in a car during the summer, but we should also keep signs of dehydration in mind too.

Do you know what the symptoms are for a dehydrated dog?

Dehydration occurs when a dog’s liquid intake to fluid loss ratio is off balance and the dog is losing more fluids than normal. While it is helpful to observe their water bowl, it’s unrealistic to think you can be there to see how many times a day they’re drinking water. So here are the symptoms of dehydration to keep an eye out for:

  • Excessive panting
  • Changes in appetite - especially loss of appetite
  • Vomiting & diarrhea
  • Thickened saliva
  • Dried eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Drop in energy levels
  • Dryness of the nose
  • Dryness and stickiness of gums
  • Loss of skin elasticity

SKIN ELASTICITY TEST: According to, “Dr. Klein suggests that you gently hold some of the dog’s skin near his shoulder blades, raise it up, and then let it go. Watch carefully as it falls back into place. In well-hydrated dogs, the skin instantly will spring back to its original position. The skin of dehydrated dogs, on the other hand, will take longer to fall back into place.”

Do you know how to keep your dog hydrated during the summer?

Here are suggested methods of making sure your dog gets the proper hydration they need during the hottest of summer days:

  • Food & Moisture - Introduce wet food into your dog’s diet even if it’s temporary. Alternatively, you can add water to your dog’s kibble.
  • Frozen Fruit - Freeze fruit or vegetables to keep your dog nice and cool this summer. Make sure to refer to an informational source on what fruits and vegetables are safe for your fur baby.
  • Keep Water On Hand - Out and about? Make it a habit to bring a collapsible water dish for dogs and a bottle of water. It’s recommended to give your dog water every 15-20 minutes if your dog is outside playing or exercising with you.


Once you keep these tips in mind, keeping your dog hydrated during the summer will be nothing but a beach breeze. Go out there and soak up the sun with your fur baby while being conscious of your dog’s needs, and be sure to follow our Instagram for more Tips & Tricks every Tuesday in our Instagram stories.

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