How to Handle Dogs That Are Picky Eaters

How to Handle Dogs That Are Picky Eaters

Some of you might’ve had it easy when it comes to feeding your fur babies. Maybe too easy to the point it becomes difficult to get them to stop eating things they’re not supposed to be eating. *chuckle* But on the flip side, there’s a chance your fur baby is a picky eater. 

We’re talking about those doggos who know perfectly well their food bowls are filled but give it the stink eye and look up at you like, “Really, mom/dad? Who do you think I am?”

A dog's gotta eat though! Picky eaters happen, and before you get alarmed over it, we’ve got some suggestions before you consider going to the veterinarian to see if it’s more of a problem than simply being a picky eater. Best to eliminate the possibilities as we always say!

Why is my dog a picky eater?

We know you like to share all the goodness with your doggo companion, but the truth is, picky eaters frequently occur because they’re being spoiled with scraps from the dinner table or an excess of treats. Getting your dog to stop begging for food at the dinner table will take some time, but it’s mostly self-discipline on your end or communicating with guests and other household members that dinner table snacks are a no-no

Dog specific treats can still be given out to your dog, but try moderating how much you give them. We know “good boy” or “good girl” moments happen a lot but they’re gonna be the same good boys and good girls even if you cut down on the number of treats. 

Another issue that could be causing this is during their puppy years, you might have introduced them to numerous types of food. This encourages them to expect something new which comes off as picky. 

How to Work with a Picky Eater


  • Decide on one type of food.
  • Cut down on the amount of treats you give (and the variety).
  • Fill their food bowl and if they don’t eat it within the hour, take it away even if they haven’t nibbled on it at all.


  • Give in to your dog’s dissatisfaction.
  • Cave and give treats before they start eating their food again.
  • Give scraps at the dinner table.

It’s going to be a battle to get your dog to eat their food. The goal is to get them accustomed to what food is made available to them. If you don’t see any changes in several days or a week or so, there may be another problem at hand and you’ll want to consult with your trusted local veterinarian. They may recommend a food that has a more gamey appeal as to appease your fur baby’s sense of smell, but definitely get that checked out!

This is just a sampling of tips we offer at Joyride Harness. You can find more tips and tricks and how-tos for caring for your dog on our blog at this section. Feel free to leave a comment with tips you’re looking for!

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