How to Groom Your Dog During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Groom Your Dog During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Access to dog groomers may not be simple during these uncertain times. Dog groomers, in some cases, might have closed up shop altogether and your fur baby is due for some grooming. This is the time we have to take matters into our own hands. Good news is pet suppliers are considered essential (as they sell “essential items”) taking in account the welfare of animals and pets during this pandemic. 

How can you groom your dog at home during this pandemic? 

Here are some grooming tips you can use while you’re staying safe at home!

How to Groom Your Dog During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Brush Your Dog Daily

It’s important care for your dog’s coat for multiple reasons including general appearance, making it easier to identify any issues in relation to health, keeping the house clean, and of course...time to bond with your dog! Brushing your dog daily will help make sure that your dog avoids matted fur. When your dog’s fur gets matted, it prevents oxygen and moisture from reaching their skin on top of adding pressure and increasing the risk of parasites taking up shelter in your dog’s fur. 

Bathe Your Dog

The frequency of your dog’s bath time may depend on the breed, but for all bath times it’s important to make sure you’re following the daily brush routine. Why? You don’t want to give your dog a bath if they have any matted fur. Giving your dog a bath with matted fur increases the chances of your dog accumulating more matted areas.

Pro-tip: Look into dog-friendly shampoos and bath products.

Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Using dog nail clippers or grinders, keep your dog’s nails at a good length. If your dog’s nails are touching the ground when they’re walking (you’ll hear the sound of pitter patter more when this happens), then it’s probably about time to trim it down. This might be difficult to do at home, but the latest trending pro-tip is to wrap saran wrap around your forehead with a glob of peanut butter to distract your dog as you’re taking care of their paws!

Trim Fur Between Paw Pads

If the fur growing out from between the paw pads gets too long, the fur can curl up in between the paw pads making things more uncomfortable for your dog as they walk. The fur also will pick up more debris and things during walks that you’ll want to clean off. Using a pet clipper kit, trim those lengthy bunches down to avoid that discomfort and unwanted mess.

Clean Your Dog’s Eyes

Notice any discharge around your dog’s eyes? Use a moist cotton rag or item gently in a downwards motion. The key is to do this daily to break up crusted discharge and reduce the risk of discharge accumulating. 

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