How to Bond with a Rescue Dog

How to Bond with a Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog is one of the greatest ways to pay it back to the world and the dog population in need of homes. It goes without saying though that breaking the ice between you and your adopted dog may take time and may present some challenges.

Building meaningful relationships and bonds with rescue dogs can be such a pleasant experience though. You’re getting to know your fur baby and they’re getting to know the human who reached out to offer a better life. 

In this blog post, we have the tips for you on how to bond with a rescue dog!

How to Bond With a Rescue Dog

Start Casually with Training

It’s not a bad idea to start training a rescue dog, but they may be skittish or anxious with other environments and people. Start by training your fur baby at home as another way to bond with them. This is an opportunity for your dog to get to know you better before you decide to take the extra step of enrolling them in dog training classes. 

Be Together (aka Quality Time)

It’s imperative that you get as much quality time as possible. Luckily, when it comes to dogs, “quality time” is easier than you think. It can be something as simple as hanging out on the couch together - even snuggled up - while you’re watching that one hit Netflix show. Quality time can also come in the form of playing games in the backyard or taking them for a long walk in an area familiar to them. The more time you spend with your rescue dog, the more comfortable they will get with you and trust you.

Let Them Share Your Bed

Crating isn’t a discouraged practice but so that your rescue dog feels secure and loved, try letting them share your bed at bedtime. You might not consider this at the very introduction of the rescue dog to your home, but maybe after you get a better understanding of their temperament and activities around the house. 

Praise & Reward Them

You’re their best friend now and they are yours. Whenever you can, share soft and kind words with your dog. When you see them on good behavior or witness something worth rewarding, give them a treat or a lot of exciting playtime because playtime is also considered a reward in dog language, right? 

This is an exciting relationship journey between human and dog and we wish you all the best while you bond with your newly adopted rescue dog!

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