Harness Files | Spotlight Interview with @NeoTheEnglishBulldog

Harness Files | Spotlight Interview with @NeoTheEnglishBulldog

You won’t need to dive into the Matrix to find this handsome pup, although you may need to take a bit of a trek to keep up with him! Neo the English Bulldog is an adventurous three and a half years young pooch that can be found anywhere from waterfalls to mountain tops and always with a smile.


While we imagine he’s smiling for not only his amazing walks and his comfy Joyride harness, we know he brings a smile to our faces. Always full of confidence and that sweet bulldog joy, Neo is constantly making us wonder where he will be next.


We connected with Kristen, Neo’s doggy Mom, to learn more about this amazing pup and their lives together.

“Can you talk about when you first encountered him?”

We found a breeder that we loved and respected here in Oregon called Franklin Butte Bullies. We went to visit them and found out that they just successfully bred two beautiful Olde English Bulldogs, Noveskea and Debo. We thought mama and papa were beautiful and knew they would make even more beautiful babies, so we reserved the choice for the first puppy from the litter. 


NeoTheEnglishBulldog as a puppy!

“What drew you to him?”

Even as a puppy, he had a big, don't mess with me kind of attitude. He was confident and you could tell that he was the one running his litter. We also loved his big blue eyes and blue brindle coloring. 

“Did you have a lot of experience with English Bulldogs before?”

Not at all. We both actually grew up with poodles. But when doing research on what kind of dog we wanted, we discovered the Olde English Bulldogge checked every box on our list. Cute, active, lovable, tough, independent, smart, and loyal.

“Would you say there are things that are particular to English Bulldogs that are different to other breeds?”

The shorter nose makes for loud snoring, and sometimes on hikes, the panting gets so loud we think everyone on the mountain can hear. 

“What are some of Neo’s quirks and best personality traits?”

He is very opinionated. If he wants something, he will let you know, and he will be very sassy and vocal about it. Every walk we take has to be a loop because he refuses to go out and back because then he knows that the walk is ending soon. He also feels happiest when both his parents are on the couch and he can sit in the middle. He doesn't like it when one is on the couch without the other, and he will give you attitude until you are seated and cozy.

 Gif of NeoTheBulldog

“What are some of Neo's favorite things?”

Chewing bones, hiking, naps, extra dinner, snuggling on the couch, treats from the gas station and coffee shops and sleeping between mom and dad every night. 

“What are some of your favorite things to do with Neo?”

We love to walk and hike all over Oregon. Neo is his happiest in nature, and so we are. 

What is your favorite memory with Neo?”

His biggest hike ever, 15 miles on Broken Top Mountain in Oregon. We were nervous about whether he would be able to handle it, but he did an amazing job. He loved running through the rivers and playing in the snow, and he hiked that mountain like a pro.

One of the things that drew us to Neo, aside from that handsome smile, was how often he could be found out and about in so many amazing natural places. As Kristen mentioned, their hikes can get pretty long. Since Joyride harnesses are known for their comfort, simplicity, and durability, she found them to be the perfect solution to issues that other walk-wear presented.

We wanted a harness exactly like Joyrides. We had struggled in the past with harnesses that had too many straps and caused chafing under the arms. We were recommended to try Joyride by someone we met on a hike. We complimented their cool dog harness, and it led us to you. 


We use the Joyride Harness every single day. Never once has Neo had a rash or chafing from using it, even hiking 15 miles or after getting it wet. It is durable, reliable, and stylish. We couldn't imagine using another brand. 

“What are you and Neo looking forward to?”

We are always looking forward to our next big adventure. 


NeoTheBulldog at a lake

Well we are definitely looking forward to Kristen and Neo’s next big adventure as well! If you want to find out where they will be next, be sure to give a follow to @neotheenglishbulldog on Instagram.


And if you’re interested in having your fur baby spotlighted in our Harness Files blog series, post on Instagram using the tags @joyrideharness and #JoyrideHarness for a chance to be featured and our Joyride Harness team will connect with you!

📸 : @neotheenglishbulldog

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