Harness Files | Interview with Lisette and Fry the Corgi

Harness Files | Interview with Lisette and Fry the Corgi

In the last few months, we introduced a new series to our blog called the Harness Files! This is where we reach out to customers who’ve made noticeable impressions to our team online and we ask them about their experience with the Pug Life Harness (soon to be Joyride Harness) and their fur baby.

Last week, we introduced you to Zero the corgi and now we’ve got another corgo commander that deserves some recognition because why not? Fry is a small fry and he loves his Pug Life Harness. We reached out to learn more from his dog momma Lisette of how they’re enjoying the harness and each other’s company.

Meet Fry

Harness Size: Medium

Harness Pattern: Fall Plaid

PLH: How did Fry join your family?

Lisette: Fry joined my family in May of 2019. He was only 7 weeks old! I received news that a friend of a friend had a litter of corgis (I’ve always wanted a corgi) so I went to visit them and fell in love with Fry instantly. I held him and he licked me and once our eyes met I knew he was the one.


PLH: How would you describe the joy that Fry brings to your life?

Lisette: Fry beings so much joy into my life every single day! He’s personality is so fun and I can’t remember my life before him anymore. I mean what did I do with myself. If it wasn’t for him I’d probably have major anxiety and not want to leave my house.


PLH: How would you describe your walking experience before the Pug Life Harness?

Lisette: Fry hated every other harness I’ve gotten him. We literally have bought 4 and he didn’t like any of them. I just thought maybe he didn’t like going on walks. Turns out all the other harnesses were just uncomfortable for him. Now he enjoys going on long walks all day every day!

PLH: How has the Pug Life Harness improved your walking experience?

Lisette: Getting Fry in & out of the harness is fast and super simple. I love that is easy to use and is most importantly comfortable for him. There is also no more pulling that’s to the way the harness is made and all the extra rings it has on it. I also love the strap on the back that I can easily get to if needed. 

PLH: If Fry could spend an entire day doing his favorite things, what would that day look like?

Lisette: Fry would spend his day eating treats & running around at the dog park all day. Or he would love to go explore a new area and go on a long walk with his favorite pug life harness!

For all those dog and corgi lovers out there, we recommend checking out Fry’s Insta! To follow along Fry’s adventures CLICK HERE. Are you a customer and want to be interviewed for our blog? Drop a comment and we’ll reach out!

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