Harness Files | Interview with Linda & Remy the Australian Shep

Harness Files | Interview with Linda & Remy the Australian Shep

Back in 2019, we introduced a new series to our blog called the Harness Files! This is where we reach out to customers who’ve made noticeable impressions to our team online and we ask them about their experience with the Joyride Harness (formerly known as Pug Life Harness) and their fur baby.

Our latest interview is with a family who took in a beautiful Australian Shepherd by the name of Remy! As soon as we saw Remy, our hearts were captivated so we reached out to learn more about this beautiful fur baby.

Meet Remy


Joyride Harness: How did Remy join your family?

Linda: In the summer of 2013, we lost our precious Aussie mix, Rousseau, to old age. My husband Michael and I never thought about another pet until several months later, when this picture came across his Australian Shepherd rescue email group:


We knew we had to look into it, so we called and scheduled an appointment to visit him on New Year's Eve, 2013. He was found roaming the streets of Youngstown, Ohio, confused, skinny, and scared, and for whatever reason, plagued by an intense fear of humans. My husband fell in love with him at the get-go:


After a nervous waiting period, we were told he was ours, and provided we promised to have him neutered, we could pick him up after New Year's Day, 2014. We were elated! What followed has been six years of unlimited love and learning and fun, albeit mixed with profound grief, as Remy and I lost our beloved Michael to lung cancer on Christmas Eve, 2017.


Joyride Harness: How would you describe the joy that Remy brings to your life?  

Linda: Remy has brought indescribable joy to not only my life, but to that of my family (my adult children, my grandchildren, and my sister, whom Remy adores). I know it's a worn-out cliché to say so, but this is the smartest animal I have ever loved. Truly. Skills and tricks are mastered with only minimal training, and he has an absolutely uncanny ability for recognizing speech patterns and individual words, as well as standard voice inflection. It's like nothing I've ever seen, and we're constantly impressed by what a smart boy he is. He has no bad habits -- zero. The fact that he is all that, plus so sweet and affectionate, is wonderful, and makes his still-overwhelming fear of people easier to bear.


Joyrde Harness: How would you describe your walking experience before the Joyride Harness? 

Linda: I'd begin by saying there was no "walking experience," per se. The experience was more akin to dragging, pulling, choking, straining, and general misery. By the time we'd straggle back to the house, we were both worn out for all the wrong reasons. My husband could physically handle him much better than I, but after it became just Remy and me at home, well...let's just say it's surprising how much power a 62-lb. dog can exert over a 5'2" weakling. I confess that it got to the point where I would avoid mentioning the word "walk," because while Remy loved the outings, his intense pulling, combined with his reversing direction and "flipping out" upon seeing other people made it nearly impossible for us to do it anymore.

Over the years, we had researched and bought a couple of other harness-type products, but they either didn't fit properly, or just plain didn't do the job. He still pulled us around as if there was no difference at all. Then, back in March, I noticed an ad on social media for Joyride Harness, and thought, "What's another few bucks down the drain?" Hoping it might be worth a try, I bought one.


Joyride Harness: How has the Joyride Harness improved your walking experience? 

Linda: It has revolutionized it! Indeed, it has provided one. At around eight years old, it's safe to say that some of Remy's behaviors are hardwired. He may always want to pull. But the Joyride Harness has diminished that tendency by at least 95%. At least that. Walking in the park has become enjoyable again, and I can't believe the difference. (video of his very first walk here) 


Joyride Harness: If Remy could spend an entire day doing his favorite things, what would that day look like?

Linda: After breakfast, he'd jump in the back of the car and be driven to the dog park, where he would  run, and lick every blade of grass, and be silly and carefree and chase the dogs on the other side of the fence. At lunch, he'd come home for a snack and a nap, after which he'd return to the dog park for more of the same, until dinnertime. After dinner, he'd just follow me around all evening, supervising my activities until it was time for bed, where he'd stretch out on his cushion and dream of another day just like this one.


A huge thank you to Linda and Remy for sharing their story with us! Are you a customer and want to be interviewed for our blog? Drop a comment and we’ll reach out or continue to post away on Instagram using the hashtag #joyrideharness and tag @joyrideharness! We’re watching. 

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