Harness Files | Interview with Kaitlin & Belle

Harness Files | Interview with Kaitlin & Belle

Back in 2019, we introduced a new series to our blog called the Harness Files! This is where we reach out to customers who’ve made noticeable impressions to our team online and we ask them about their experience with the Joyride Harness (formerly known as Pug Life Harness) and their fur baby. This interview is a special case as we’ve connected with one of the winners of our weekly Joyride Harness giveaways, Kaitlin Johnsen!

Kaitlin received the Red Hearts pattern Joyride Harness as part of her giveaway prize for her fur baby Belle to enjoy! We hope you enjoy the photos and interview as much as we do.

Meet Belle (of the Ball)

JRH: What is your fur baby’s name? 

Kaitlin: Belle, but her AKC Canine Partners registered name is Golden Beauties Belle of the Ball. She also is a Novice Trick Dog, and I’ll be sending the paperwork in to get it added to her AKC registration. 

JRH: How did she join your family? 

Kaitlin: She came home to us on January 19, 2020.

JRH: How would you describe the joy that Belle brings to your life? 

Kaitlin: You can’t. She brings so much joy to us which is nice especially with the social distancing and isolation going on right now. 

JRH: How would you describe your walking experience before the Joyride Harness? 

Kaitlin: She would pull a bit and we couldn’t find a good harness that would fit her right. 

JRH: How has the Joyride Harness improved your walking experience? 

Kaitlin: She doesn’t pull as much, and it seems like she likes the way it fits a lot better than the other ones she’s worn. She’s had a Joyride since she came home but she had to grow into it!

JRH: If your fur baby Belle could spend an entire day doing their favorite things, what would that day look like? 

Kaitlin: Plenty of naps, cups of vanilla ice cream, getting a full body brush down, long walks through the community looking for branches to bring home and chew on my shaded patio with sprinklers going for an occasional water break, and having a playdate with my sister Phoebe.

JRH: If you were to cast an actor to do the voice of your Belle in a live action dog movie, who would it be? 

Kaitlin: Lady Gaga, hands down. 

A huge thank you to Kaitlin (and Bell, of course) for connecting with us for an interview! Congratulations on being a Joyride Harness winner* and we loved learning about the adorable Belle! 

If you’re interested in having your fur baby spotlighted in our Harness Files blog series, post on Instagram using the tags @joyrideharness and #JoyrideHarness for a chance to be featured and our Joyride Harness team will connect with you! 

*Joyride Harness runs weekly giveaways for prize bundles valuing at least $120 each week! Want in on the next giveaway? Don’t miss it and make sure you’re following our Facebook page for updates on when they launch: CLICK HERE
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