Featured Friend: Tito & Truong

Featured Friend: Tito & Truong

Fate works out in the most mysterious of ways! Sometimes what we need most isn’t necessarily what we’re looking for at the time.

Enter Truong.

Truong was on a quest to find a Marimo Ball. Marimos are popular aquatic plant pets. Definitely furry, but not the same variety of furry pet we’re used to. Certainly not the pet Truong would end up with at the end of his search.

While shopping for the Marimo Ball in a popular Seattle neighborhood, Truong found his way into a shelter. Just browsing. You know, because you can’t help but say hi to all the furbabies! A volunteer immediately ushered Truong to a dog that was nestled in the corner of his kennel. He looked sad and weak.

“We called him over and he limped over to us and with a little sad wag of his tail,” Truong shared. “I knew he was going to be mine.”

Truong then put his name on the list hopeful, and good thing he did. Turns out Truong’s first encounter with this doggo was only 20 minutes after being put into the shelter. Soon after, a waitlist accumulated but Truong was at the top!

The furbaby who found a forever home? His name is Tito.

When Truong went to officially meet Tito as a prospective pet parent, Tito was full of energy. Almost as if he knew what excitement was ahead! Truong says that Tito was pretty much a bat out of hell and was the cutest and most excited dog he’s ever seen.

“I brought my nephew to make sure he was good with kids and he was fantastic. The sad dog I met in the shelter? It was all an act,” Truong joked. “Everyone always thinks he's sad and abandoned, but he is very loved and the most chill dog ever.”

Now we know. If Truong ever goes out shopping for a Marimo Ball again, he might come back with another doggo. Cheers to Tito and Truong and a happy furrever home!

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