Featured Friend: Bella the Pig

Featured Friend: Bella the Pig

We just spent the last hour reading up on reasons why pigs are pretty much...well, pink dogs. They’re intelligent, they are incredibly playful, they love soaking up the sun, and they love belly rubs. Sometimes you even want to *boop* the nose as one does with dogs.

Imagine the stroke of happiness experienced when going over customer submitted reviews and finding a PIG in the mix with all of the other standard furbabies we see on a day to day basis.

You’re probably thinking what’s a pig doing in JoyrideHarness reviews? Well, friends, the pig in question was wearing a Joyride Harness. Obviously we wanted to learn more so we reached out to the human parents to get more information on this beautiful pig in a pink harness! We successfully connected with Bryan and there was so much to learn.

Bella became part of the family quickly. Bryan always wanted to get a pig, so when Nicole saw an ad for piglets that were being rehomed, they went and picked up Bella. We should note that Nicole is a huge Harry Potter movie fan, so because Bella had an all black coat and a white spot on her head, they named her after the Dark Lord’s right-hand woman. Bella’s full name is Bellatrix LeSwine

This little love bug has quite the rotund chest girth, according to Bryan. Being 44 inches around the chest, Bella is rocking a 2XL harness. We asked how the Joyride Harness is working out for Bella in comparison to other walking accessories.

“She fought every attempt with the many collar versions we tried - plus, due to a pig's unique neck size / girth, it was difficult to find a collar that stayed on her head,” Bryan shared with us.

“She would simply pull out of them. Dog harnesses were either to small or choked her. With any Pot Bellied Pig, the trick is Cheerios. So when we got the Pug [Life] Harness and used Cheerios as our coaxing agent - she had no problem with us putting it on her, as it was fast and easy. After a few walks, Bella would then go open the closet, drag her harness into the living room and squeal at us so that she would get her walk.”

When Bella isn’t walking around in her Joyride Harness, you’re more than likely to catch her catching some warm rays by the pool. Bryan calls her Suntan Piggy!

We hope to see more pigs rocking the Joyride Harness, and whether or not that comes to fruition, we’ll always remember our first. Thank you so much to Bryan, Nicole, and Bella!

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Adorable. Love the pot bellies!!
Had one many years ago. “Elmo” was so smart and so fun. Had to make sure baby locks were on cabinets or he opened them and “filled up” on ANY contents in the cabinet!!! Wish I would have had a Pug Life for him back then.

Judy Sigrist

I love this thought. We have a potbelly pig as well and stopped trying any harnesses because he just didn’t fit in then right. We love our Puglife on our pugs so this may be our next purchase attempt.

Leslie Rogers

We use to have a Pot Bellied Pig his name was Earl, they make the perfect pet!!

BJ Chavez

Precious and another great use of Pug Life Harness… we have two and plan to get one for each of our six babies…dogs though, not pigs. Bella is wonderful.

Cheryl Nugent

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