Fall into Autumn with these Top 5 Dog Harness Styles

Fall into Autumn with these Top 5 Dog Harness Styles

We, at Joyride Harness, are known to release special dog harness designs that can be worn at specific times of the year. As dog parents ourselves, we understand the excitement of getting your fur baby all dressed up even if it's with something as simple and useful as a dog harness. 

Since we first launched the company, we’ve created a solid line of dog harnesses ranging from everyday wear to Christmas holiday patterns, Halloween designs, and more. Which of our harnesses do we recommend for the fall and autumn seasons? 

We’ve got you covered!

Ready to be fashion furward by the time that first crunchy leaf hits the pavement in your neck of the woods?

Fall into Autumn with these Top 5 Dog Harness Styles

#1 - Classic Orange Dog Harness

Everyone loves patterned harness designs, but it wouldn’t be right to leave out the staple color for the fall/autumn season: Orange! If you’re looking for something that can be utilized for everyday wear or for seasonal wear, this harness is the double-hitter you’re looking for. Need a little bit of texture for your orange? The next dog harness will definitely catch your fancy.

(Image Credit: Nicole W.)

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#2 - Orange Plaid Dog Harness

With the booming popularity of plaid among our Joyride Harness customers, Orange Plaid is one of the latest designs to join the Joyride product line of harnesses. There’s a catch to this harness though: Only 200 were made of this design so it’s considered a limited edition dog harness design! Once sold out, it’s undetermined if it’ll make a return so swoop up your fur baby’s dog harness size as fast as you can!

(Image Credit: Deborah W.)

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#3 - Fall Plaid Dog Harness 

This dog harness is king among kings. It was the first plaid dog harness design to be introduced at Joyride Harness and is now joined by Orange Plaid, White Plaid, Green Plaid, Red Plaid, and Blue Plaid. Wow! Try saying that 10 times fast. The Fall Plaid Dog Harness from Joyride Harness is arguably the most favorited and most purchased style among our customers. When you see the photos of the fur babies wearing them, it’s hard to even debate!

(Image Credit: Gwen S.)

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#4 - Red Plaid Dog Harness

Contrary to popular belief, red isn’t just a holiday or Christmas color; it’s also a fall/autumn color. That should make sense to most seeing that the colors of the leaves don’t just change to yellow and orange. Red is in the mix too which is why we opt to include the Red Plaid Dog Harness from Joyride Harness in this roundup of styles for the fall!

(Image Credit: Kenneth W.)

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#5 - Halloween Pumpkin Dog Harness

We’re going to start off by saying this design glows in the dark and it’s a limited edition design. In fact, this dog harness style is currently low in stock and at this time, it’s unforeseen if the Limited Edition Pumpkin Joyride Harness will make a return. Don’t take the risk and snag your fur baby’s size while it’s still available!

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