Dogs on the Move: Joyride Harnesses in ACTION

Dogs on the Move: Joyride Harnesses in ACTION

Have you made the switch from collar to harness yet? Harnesses make for a great collar alternative for numerous reasons. One pro to harnesses in particular is how Joyride Harness got its name! For pugs especially, collars cause a lot of discomfort because the excess pressure around the neck can cause the eyeballs to protrude from their sockets. But of course, our mission to provide comfort and alleviate added stress on walks expands to every dog on the doggone planet.

Thanks to harnesses, dogs…

  • Double down on pulling
  • Don’t strain their necks
  • Won’t have damaged tracheas
  • Will have happy h00mans

It’s said that the proof is in the pudding, and there’s so much truth to that! It’s one thing to do window shopping online and see the reviews, but only until you give the Joyride Harness a go do you realize how much of a game changer it is.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite videos of doggos on-the-go enjoying their Joyride Harness! Take a look.

@mcgeek9lover shows us how dog walking is done while the pup rocks a Joyride Harness!


Stop! Potty time!


Fierce and fabulous doggo rockin’ the harness!


@chelseymydog is the walking buddy of our dreams!


Look at Toothless go!! We’re rooting for you!!

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Toothless showing off her new harness #JoyrideHarness #walkabout

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Loki is a rescue pup, and what you see here is his first public outing! Excitement galore. The Joyride Harness helped @my_handsome_boy_loki keep control of the walk.


Prepare for trouble! Make it double! 


Ordering a harness or already have one in use from Joyride Harness? Post your videos on Instagram using the hashtag #JoyrideHarnessSuperstar for a chance to be featured on our profile or blog!

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