Dog Says 'Mama' Before Baby During Bribe To Get Food

Dog Says 'Mama' Before Baby During Bribe To Get Food

We’re all about funny and cute dog videos. Our weekends are made up mostly of scrolling through Facebook and tagging each other in the funniest videos we stumbled upon. We’re sure you can relate. Living that #Joyride standard. It’s amazing how it takes one lucky moment to capture hilarious and adorable situations on camera, so imagine how amused we were to see the following baby and dog video.

Winning the hearts of millions online, we’re invited to a Utah home where a mother is with her baby boy and beautiful dog named Patch. Uploaded by Sam Giovanini on YouTube, we see the mother eating her meal with the baby and Patch in front of her, Patch begging for a little piece of heaven in that to-go box.

The mom starts trying to get the baby to repeat the word momma after her while incentivizing with a piece of food. Patch wants in on the action.

He begins begging as one dog does but coming out of his mouth are the most bizarre and adorable sounds. You hear a combination of incomplete barks and yelps, but slowly it becomes clear. Patch is trying to say momma.

Whoopsies, kid. Dogs get another point on the scoreboard versus humans! Patch really wanted that treat. Want to know another fact about Patch though? Not only is he well on his way to be a linguist pupfessor at Pupper University, but he’s the goodest dog a good boy can be. He’s reported to be a talented care dog.

The little boy’s grandmother unfortunately suffered brain injury in the past from car accident and Patch played a key part in her recovery. Acting as her support dog, Patch’s key job -- aside from awesome companionship -- was to detect and alert the family to possible seizures she may have due to her injuries.

We 20 out of 10 love the hecks out of this doggo and hope that Patch got as many treats possible from momma. You deserve it!


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