Dog Breeds That Need More Warmth During the Winter

Dog Breeds That Need More Warmth During the Winter

Brrr. It’s getting pretty cold outside! If you’re feeling the effects of the winter season or are planning for it, then it’s best to consider your fur baby friend and their warmth. There are numerous dog breeds that are capable of withstanding the cold temperatures outside. This is greatly attributed to their thick coats that help insulate their warmth and boy do we love to snuggle up with a fluffy doggo!

But not all dogs come packaged with a fur coat that can do that for them! There are breeds that require more attention during this time of year.

Here’s a roundup of the dog breeds that need some assistance in keeping warm this winter.


These little fur babies known only have a single-layer fur coat which is thin. This is due to their originating out of Mexico where thin layer of fur accommodates the country and its warmer climate. Up north though? It doesn’t stand the test of winter and they should be bundled up!


Did you know that corgis originated from Wales? In Wales, snow is scarce compared to the USA and other countries that see snow. On average, snow sticks for around 15 days in total in the calendar year. This puts the corgi lovebugs right up there with chihuahuas requiring more warmth especially since their height makes them closer to the snow and cold.


It’s not just a thin layer of fur that’s concerning for Greyhounds when it comes to their warmth. This breed of dog is incredibly lean because of their originating from Egypt where that worked in their favor against the hot climate. Keeping these bodies warm is even more needed in the winter!


This one depends on the circumstances of the poodle’s lifestyle, but poodles experience regular grooming throughout the year which means a reduction of the natural state of their fur coat. In turn, that affects how the fur coat plays into the protection from cold weather in the winter climate. Especially in the world of aesthetics where poodles are shaved to create a certain look, this adds to their need of warmth during the winter.


Breeds of Terrier variety experience lack of warmth during the winter for the same reasons as their corgi comrades. As they originated in the United Kingdom, snow is scarce, and in turn their bodies developed to fit with that climate. 

What can you do to keep your doggo warm?


Aside from keeping your house warm during those terribly freezing winter days and nights, most of the concern with the cold rests with their walks and activities spent outdoors. In these cases, add extra protection by means of a dog coat to keep their heat locked in and make sure they remain dry after a little bit of prancing in the snow. 

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