Do Dogs Get Jealous? | Tips & Tricks

Do Dogs Get Jealous? | Tips & Tricks

Dogs are just like humans in some cases. They develop their own unique personalities, showcase an impressive range of emotions, and more. With their personality and range of emotions, you might observe some odd behaviors that imply your dog is getting jealous. Do dogs get jealous? Actually, yes. Yes, they do. 

Back in 2014, CNN reported on studies that surfaced from the University of California:

“New research suggests that dogs can exhibit jealousy, a human emotion usually ascribed to squabbling siblings or the jilted third of a love triangle. A study by scholars at the University of California, San Diego found that dogs showed jealous behaviors when their owners displayed affection toward an animatronic stuffed dog that barked, whined and wagged its tail. The dogs snapped at and pushed against the stuffed dog and tried to get between it and the human.” (via CNN)

What’s the difference between us - as humans - and our jealousy and the jealousy that dogs experience? The key difference is that dogs, for the most part, are not as competitive when it comes to situations that stir up jealousy. They want in, but typically they won’t cause significant exclusions or divides to the other dog (or person) receiving the same attention. This obviously is a case-by-case situation, as there are many different indicators to observe that your dog is jealous. 

Signs that Your Dog is Jealous

  1. They start nipping or nibbling at other dogs and humans, even the person they want attention from.
  2. Your dog is closer to you than usual. They’re looking for more of your attention.
  3. Your dog is growling at other dogs and humans.
  4. They start engaging in whimsical behaviors or show off tricks to get your attention.
  5. Your dog simply leaves the room. This is kind of like the feeling of being left out and defeated that your dog is experiencing.

Now, there are no permanent solutions we could find to put a full stop to jealousy but there are ways you can curb the behaviors that come with jealousy your dog showcases. 

Tips for Alleviating Bad Behaviors When Your Dog Is Jealous

Distribute Your Attention

If you have more than one pet, your dog probably feels like you’re providing more attention and affection towards another pet. We know it’s hard but do what you can to distribute your attention to all your pets equally.

Feed Your Pets In Different Spots

Separate your dog’s food bowl from your other pet’s food bowl. If you have more than two pets or dogs, separate them all. This will cut down on the opportunity for your dog who is jealous from getting jealous. 

Ignore Your Pets When You Come Home

This is super difficult to do seeing that we all love our fur babies, but when you come home from work or from grocery shopping, focus your attention on getting settled in at home before you give any attention to your dogs and pets.

Provide a Number of Toys

Your dog is more than likely to exhibit signs of jealousy when they’re not stimulated or if they feel like the other dog (or pet) has more toys for themselves. Provide an equal amount of toys for them and only leave out food activity toys when you’re around to supervise.

This is just a sampling of tips and informationals we offer at Joyride Harness. You can find more tips and tricks and how-tos for caring for your dog on our blog at this section. Feel free to leave a comment with tips you’re looking for!
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