Could Pulling on a Leash Hurt My Dog?

Could Pulling on a Leash Hurt My Dog?


Dogs pulling on a leash is one of the most common dog training issues that dog owners encounter. And unfortunately, many unknowing dog parents cause damage and injury to their dogs neck and sensitive trachea areas that can be costly or sometimes even deadly.

If you have ever had a sore neck or back, you may understand. Most people feel the effect throughout the whole body and chronic pain can easily make you feel like you are 10 to 20 years older.

Why is that? The neck and cervical spine are one of the most important energy channels in the body. If the flow of energy between the head and the neck is interrupted or restricted, a whole array of problems may arise, from lameness to skin problems, allergies and even cancer.

Most people are unaware that COLLARS CAN CAUSE SO MANY PROBLEMS.

3 Simple ways to protect your dog from injuring himself

  1. Get a harness, ASAP! Harnesses don’t put the unnecessary pressure on a dog’s neck and trachea. Even if a dog pulls while wearing a harness, it won’t hurt him or her or cause life-long damage. If your dog is a serious puller, invest in the right training tools to teach him to walk properly. There are many no pull harness trainers out there. One of them is the PugLife Harness, which teaches your dog to stop pulling and to see you as the pack leader.
  2. AVOID CHOKE CHAINS - Many will tell you choke chains are the best way to train your dog not to pull. But this method is very harmful to your dog’s neck and can sometimes be deadly. Is it worth the risk? Would you want to be choked every time you did something that came natural to you like pulling comes natural to a dog?
  3. Train your dog to walk properly. Get the right tools to make it easier & faster or just invest the extra time.

Instead of using collars to control your dog, use it for attaching a tag with your phone number and address in case your best friend gets lost.

Treat your best friend with love and kindness. A dog will give you years of unconditional love and happiness - make sure you take good care of his health and well being by training him in kind and humane ways.

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