Chihuahua Rescued By Heroic Dog Friend

Chihuahua Rescued By Heroic Dog Friend

Have you ever browsed online and stumbled upon videos where you ask yourself is that real? That can’t be real? We had one of those moments scrolling through our Facebook feed the other night that sent us on this spiral of gasping in disbelief.

A local news source shared a video of an ice and snow covered driveway. You see a family and their three dogs out and about, but someone starts heading out in a vehicle.

It’s like watching a thriller movie as the video plays out.

Before the vehicle comes into view, a little chihuahua pal starts making his way across the road. It’s not entirely clear if he was following someone or was just taking a stroll, but that’s besides the point because here comes this gargantuan vehicle backing up towards him.

Red alert! Red alert! This is not good, ladies and gentlemen.

An unexpected yet picturesque hero comes to the rescue. We see another furbaby run into frame. A border collie to be specific. The border collie runs in and grabs little chihuahua pal by the scruff, and whisk them out to safety; out of reach from the clutches of rubber tires. The driver of the car realized what happened, stops and gets out to tend to the chihuahua.

Could you imagine being this family reviewing this footage after that kind of a scare? To see what’s pretty much a miracle unfold before your eyes and know your dog is a hero? Remarkable. We’re super happy that the dogs are safe and sound! We bet that border collie furbaby got a bunch of treats, belly rubs, and nose kisses non-stop after that. At least, that’s what we’d do if we had the chance to honor the adorable hero!

With summer approaching, kids and doggos will be on the road at play! Be sure to keep alert while you’re on the road and check all mirrors before backing up and continuing your drive.

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