Caring For Senior Dogs: Tips To Prevent Problems

Caring For Senior Dogs: Tips To Prevent Problems

It’s never fun to discuss the mortality of dogs. Well, it’s never fun when it comes to any furbaby, but the fact of the matter is it’s necessary. So for the sake of your senior (or soon-to-be-senior) doggo’s health and your peace of mind entering that phase, let’s discuss what steps should be taken to reduce the chance of injury or issues as time goes on.

The Two Most Important Factors of Dog Health

This could actually be said for humans too, but the two most impacting factors that shape the health of a dog are DIET and EXERCISE. A healthy diet and proper exercise is best for the proper development of your dog’s body.

Exercise specifically tackles the development of muscles and bones therefore lowering the risk of injuries further down the road. On the other hand, a healthy diet aids mental and optical health, maintains a healthy fur coat, and good dental.

Need more info on what foods senior dogs should eat? Check out this thorough guide from

Weight A Minute…

This next piece of advice ties together with diet and exercise. Let’s talk about your doggo’s joints. If your dog weighs too much, this can have a drastic impact on the health of their joints. Equally as negative, if your dog is exerting too much energy and overdoing it on favorite activities, stress can be put on the joints increasing chances of injury.

One popular solution is to provide your dog a stepping stool for areas like the bedroom so that they don't apply too much stress to their joints when jumping off the bed.

Make sure to monitor your dog’s activities and consult a veterinarian about your dog’s weight.

Don’t Hold Off On Checkups

Sure your dog might be healthy at the moment and may continue to be healthy over the next couple years or so, but it is important to make a habit of going to get annual checkups. Don’t wait until your dog is showing any signs of injury or health decline to go to the veterinarian! Sometimes there are things that aren’t visible that need to be checked out.

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Should you have any more questions about your soon-to-be senior doggo or present senior doggo, contact your trusted veterinarian’s office for more information. Afterall, a healthy doggo is a happy doggo!

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