Bus Station Takes Care of Dogs During Harsh Winter

Bus Station Takes Care of Dogs During Harsh Winter

The internet is home to so many stories and videos surrounding dogs and other furbabies, but it’s always a mixed bag. You open up your Facebook profile and start scrolling through your news feed to find either heartbreaking stories or funny and cute pictures or videos of a doggo whose nose you want to boop.

What follows is a combination of heartbreaking and heartwarming, but more so the latter! In a decade that has proven itself to be grim or trying, citizens in Curitiba, Brazil made a lasting impression on us digital spectators. More important, they made a lasting impression on the hearts of the furbabies they took in the winter.

Barreirinha bus terminal employees paid it forward with their kindness and continue to shine bright as a positive example for all of us after opening doors to their station to furbabies trying to keep warm in the harsh winter weather. We’re not talking just one night. We’re talking the entire winter.

While continuing their daily duties as employees, the staff went above and beyond for doggos in need by making DIY beds complete with warmth. Beds were fashioned out of tires and cushioned with blankets and their furry guests were super grateful as they took up temporary residence to keep warm.

The story went viral after politician Fabiane Rosa took to Facebook to share the story. Fabiane stated, “So many companies in Curitiba could follow this example, adopting a pet. Of course it is not the ideal, but at least there are those who are looking after them.”

Can you imagine the possibilities if everyone exhibited this type of kindness to animals and even to each other? Our hearts soar just reading over this story, writing it out, and looking at the pictures. You can just see how safe these three dogs feel, and while their toe beans were warmed by the comforts of blankets, their hearts were warmed by the beautiful gesture given unconditionally.

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