7 Essential Items Every Dog Owner Must Have

7 Essential Items Every Dog Owner Must Have

It’s easy to get lost in all the tools and accessories out there for dogs, but which ones should you zone in on? With so many options out there, it might be hard to figure out where to start. You’ll want to gather the essentials; essentials meaning tools that you’ll get the most use out of and could easily be included in a Dog Parent 101 Starter Pack of sorts. 

So without further adieu, here’s Pug Life Harness’s definitive list of 7 Essential Items Every Dog Owner Must Have! 

1. Pug Life Harness

You need to take your dogs for a walk and collars may not be the most practical choice for the long-term! The pressure put around dogs’ necks can lead to tracheal collapse and harnesses prevent these long-term effects. Not only does the make of this harness keep in mind your dog’s health and safety, but it is a great training tool to alleviate (if not eliminate) pulling and train your dog to work to heel on a specific side. After all, you want your dog to walk with you and not walk you.

2. Nutritious Snacks has loads of delicious snack options that are packed with the right nutrition. They have treats geared towards different health focuses (digestion, joints, etc.). Dog nutrition plays into the health and longevity of your forever fur baby and with some foods not having the benefits of other nutritious foods, you can supplement that loss with these treats. Definitely recommend!

3. 2-in-1 Seatbelt and Double Handle Dog Leash

    Get the best of both worlds with the 2-in-1 seatbelt AND double handle dog leash. Easily unbuckle from a car ride and lead straight into a dog walk with the double handle dog leash that this seatbelt doubles as! Convenient, safe, and secure! Only the best for your forever fur baby.

    4. Custom Dog Collar

      Your fur baby is going to look flashy and fancy with their custom engraved dog collar! Our new custom dog collar comes with reflective stitching which is perfect for evening outings. It also doesn’t come with the exhausting ear sore that comes with clinking of dog tags on collars. It’s a comfortable experience for both you and your dog!

      5. LED Light Tag

        This accessory is perfect for those dark winter nights! You can clip to your dog harness and let it light the way like Rudolph’s nose! This LED Light Tag comes in several different colors and the LED brightness will aid in the safety and security of your dog through visibility!

        6. Seatbelt

          This premium seat belt is designed for the safety and security of your dog! When you’re on the road, distracting the driver can be a fatal situation and while we love our fur babies, they can be quite the distraction even when we’re driving. This seatbelt works perfectly with the Pug Life Harness and car seats created for dogs. It’s simple to use. Click in and know your dog is safe and sound!

          7. Poop Bags + Dispenser

            What’s the scoop? The Pug Life Harness Poop Bag Dispenser comes with a carabiner for easy carrying. You can hook it to a leash or hook it to a bag and know that through the design, you can easily grab a bag from the dispenser! Each dispenser order comes with a free roll of Pug Life Harness poop bags. Yes please! It’s your duty for your dog’s dooty. 

            This is just a sampling of informational roundups we offer at Pug Life Harness. You can find more tips and tricks and how-to’s for caring for your dog on our blog at this section. Feel free to leave a comment with things you’re looking for!

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