5 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

5 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

November is officially here! You know what that means. Gratitude and thankfulness are taking over leading up to Thanksgiving Day. Feasts are being planned, grocery lists are being made, and the idea of Thanksgiving dinner has not only us salivating, but our dogs as well. 

While some foods might seem like they’re safe for your dog to have, be cautious about the treats and foods you share with your dog especially around this time of year. 

In this blog post, we dish out 5 foods that can be dangerous for your dog and the negative impacts they can have on your dog if eaten.

5 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

#1 - Thanksgiving Ham

This isn’t just for Thanksgiving. Any ham at any time of year is extremely dangerous for your dog and should be kept out of reach at all costs to avoid what comes next: Pork products including ham can lead to pancreatitis in addition to upset stomach and diarrhea. It also contains too much fat which can lead to dog obesity. 

#2 - Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes, generally, are not dangerous to dogs but mashed potatoes and the way it is prepared should be of concern. Some recipes include garlic and onion powder which are known toxic food items to dogs. Additionally, mashed potatoes call for milk and butter. Dogs that are lactose intolerant may experience discomfort in their stomach and diarrhea. It’s best to keep mashed potatoes off your dog’s Thanksgiving dinner menu.

#3 - Stuffing

As tasty and non-threatening looking stuffing may be, it can have drastic effects on your dog because of the ingredients. Just like mashed potatoes, stuffing contains garlic, onion powder, and scallions, which are toxic food items to dogs and can lead to the destruction of red blood cells, a life-threatening anemia. 

#4 - Chicken & Turkey Bones

While unseasoned meat from chickens and turkeys are common proteins for dogs, the preparation of chicken and turkey dinner for Thanksgiving Day usually means there will be bones. If bones are ingested by dogs or any other pets, it can cause indigestion and possibly bowel obstruction. In addition to that, there’s high risk of bones splintering and punturing the body. 

#5 - Nutmeg

According to the Animal Rescue Site, “Sweet potatoes and pumpkin, in appropriate doses, are a healthy treat for your dog. But you will want to take special precautions and make sure that neither of those have nutmeg on them before feeding. Nutmeg can cause seizures if your dog consumes it alone or as an ingredient in sweet potatoes or pumpkin, and in extreme cases can even lead to death.”

If your dog gets their paws on any of these food items, seek veterinary assistance. 

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