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Have you ever scrolled through countless dog photos and stopped when you spot that one, special doggo that just makes you squeal and say, “I WANT ONE?” That’s the feeling we get whenever we see this featured Pug Life Harness influencer!

We’re so blessed to get to work with so many dog personalities in the digital space, and we’re trying to show our love one post at a time! So this week, we’re spotlighting Sir Wellington and his daughter Risotto. 

We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly… we’re talking about the jealousy of being able to be around these fur babies on the daily! But in lieu of that, we’re going to share with you the best of this dynamic father-daughter duo with our…

10 Reasons Why We Love Sir Wellington and Risotto

#10 - Sir Wellington knows he’s quite the catch.

Confidence is everything.



#9 - On top of that, he knows his angles.

Well, hello there Sir Wellington!



#8 - He’s a family man...

His humans love him and Sir Wellington loves his humans.



#7 - Double the family man!

Sir Wellington and Miss Rosie welcomed a litter of pups into the world. Guess whose in the mix?



#6 - Good genes run in the family!

Look at these adorable pups. Great job, Sir Wellington and Miss Rosie!



#5 - Sir Wellington and his daughter Risotto (Rizzo) enjoy fun times.

What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.



#4 - We told’re not ready for this jelly.

Look at those cute rolls!



#3 - Risotto likes to spend time with her pops!

She’s taking up skating like her daddy!



#2 - They enjoy fashion….with their faces of course.

These socks belong on your feet.

#1 - Risotto looks the most adorable in her Pug Life Harness!

We couldn’t breathe when we first saw this pic. SO CUTE.



We firmly believe everyone’s day could shine a little brighter when dedicating a certain amount of time - duration of your choosing - to watching dog videos each day. Sir Wellington and his daughter Risotto (Rizzo) certainly share something special and we’re so happy to be a part of it!

If you’re not following already, you can follow Sir Wellington’s new chapter with his daughter Risotto and his humans on Instagram here: CLICK HERE

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