10 Reasons Why We Love Pork Chop the Golden

10 Reasons Why We Love Pork Chop the Golden

We’re about to introduce to you another goodest doggo who is taking Instagram by storm with a current following of 72.6k+! 

Pork Chop the Golden Retriever is a cute fur baby that hails from the Bay Area and he loves food, other dogs, cats, humans and sticks! According to his profile, he’s stubborn and sweet but we really only see the sweetness all over this profile. You’re going to see what we’re talking about in moments.

He was born back in 2017, and since then, he’s been quite the dog influencer, creating content with his humans and mini human brother. You just have to see it all for yourself. You ready? Here are...

10 Reasons Why We Love Pork Chop the Golden

#10 - As a furry potato, Pork Chop found comfort anywhere.

He sleeps anywhere!



#9 - He was quick to pick up on how walks work.

“Just walking my human.”



#8 - At a young age, no challenge was too difficult.

Big sticks? No problem.



#7 - Pork Chop is the buddy you can watch other dog videos with.

We all need a friend like that.



#6 - His profile was serious when it says he likes sticks.




#5 - Very serious about sticks… Oh my goodness.

It gets better and better. 



#4 - He protects his humans from other doggos.

Even if they are unmoved by his attempts.



#3 - Pork Chop grooms his little brother.

So much love!



#2 - Still with the big sticks. 

It’s an obsession. Just look at Pork Chop’s Instagram profile!



#1 - He can still carry big sticks while wearing a Joyride Harness.

Branch Manager reporting for duty!



BONUS VIDEO: Okay….this just made us MELT. Look how cute this video is!



We firmly believe everyone’s day could shine a little brighter when dedicating a certain amount of time - duration of your choosing - to watching dog videos each day. Pork Chop the Golden certainly share something special and we’re so happy to be a part of it!

If you’re not following already, you can follow Pork Chop and his humans on Instagram here: CLICK HERE

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