10 Reasons Why We Love Holly and Hazelnut

10 Reasons Why We Love Holly and Hazelnut

Instagram has become home to many online dog personalities, which makes it so much easier to access content that makes us happy and even spark a giggle here and there. 

That’s one of the reasons why Holly and Hazelnut the Doxies are our focus for the next 10 Reasons Why roundup!

Each week, we’re spotlighting unique dog personalities that we’ve teamed up with in the past or are currently collaborating with. Straight outta Los Angeles, if you don’t love Holly and Hazelnut already, you’re gonna learn today…

10 Reasons Why We Love Holly and Hazelnut the Doxies

#10 - They look so cute twinning it up!

Matching outfits with your partner in crime is the best.

#9 - Holly and Hazelnut enjoy parties.

And they love attending in style too!



#8 - There’s no challenge they won’t do.

Like the infamous bread challenge!



#7 - They’re grateful for their fans!

Congrats on reaching 100k+! 


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We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all our followers (new AND old) for 100k (now 102k, our momager wasn’t quick enough with the photos🤦🏼‍♀️😂)! We put in a lot of work into each and every photo/video so it is extremely exciting that we get to share it with over 100k of you all! We never thought we would grow this fast! It has been an awesome and wild ride. We wanted to give a quick shoutout to the feature pages that lead us to this point over the past couple months! - - 🥰 @satispaw started it all with reposting our “Making People Happy Challenge” gaining over 2 million views 🥰 @dog featured us twice with over 6.5 million combined views 🥰 @9gag and @barked featured us multiple times 🥰 @weratedogs featured Hazelnut in her fave hat 🥰 @stressfulslimes featured our “Making People Happy Challenge” along with a bunch of other slime/satisfying accounts that I couldn’t even keep track of! 🥰 More we can remember: @dogs_of_world_ @sausagedogcentral @puppytrip @animalityplanet @animalsshot @unilad @icanteven @animalifestory @babyanimalshq @animalloversgram @cuteanimalshow 🥰 and many more! it has been a whirlwind! we are so excited to be able to share our adventures with all over you!! Which feature page did you follow us from!?

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#6 - They tackle ASMR and it’s so cute!

Hand over the yummies, mum!



#5 - Hazelnut is the cutest model.

She took the state at LA Fashion Week!



#4 - Some of their puppy photos are just too cute to handle

Look at this cute photo of Hazelnut as a little bean!



#3 - They roll in style.

This fashion style appeals to our interests.



#2 - Holly and Hazelnut rock the blep out of flower crowns!

Such goddesses, much wow.



#1 - They do some good runs and walkies with the Joyride Harness!

Pretty in pink!



You can follow Holly and Hazelnut on Instagram at @hollyandhazelnut. Enjoy their many adventures and try not to let your heart give out to all the cuteness you’ll witness!

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