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Joyride Harness Cuddly Donut Dog Bed

Joyride Harness Cuddly Donut Dog Bed

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We all love to pamper our fur babies. What better way to return the unconditional love they give to us than by spoiling them with a soft, comfortable bed to crawl into every night.

Introducing the Joyride Harness Cuddly Donut Dog Bed.

  • Supports Deep Sleep. Because of the round donut-like shape, this encourages your dog to curl up into a naturally comfortable position that makes them feel secure. This promotes deep, regenerative sleep and improved daytime behavior. Expect those adorable doggie snores!

  • More Comfortable than Most Human Beds. Filled with extra soft padded foam and lined with faux shag fur, this is the ultimate luxurious experience for your fur baby. The unique donut shape allows them to burrow into it a bit, and the raised outer rim provides support for their neck and head. You may be jealous as it’s likely even more comfortable than your own human bed!

  • Built to Last. This is not some cheaply made dog bed that will deteriorate faster than you can say “who’s a good boy?!”. We use high quality materials that are densely woven for maximum protection against nails and minor chewing. However, please note that no dog bed is indestructible. Thus, if your dog has severe chewing issues, they may eventually chew through it.

We guarantee your fur baby will fall in love with this bed or your money back. Click the Add to Cart button now and we promise your fur baby will thank you with wet kisses and wiggly butt!

A portion of each purchase helps us to


Joyride Harness is on a mission to enhance the quality of living for our fellow dog friends. Learn more about what we do to help our local furry friends by clicking Learn More below.

Learn more about what we do to help our local furry friends here.



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