How to Stop Your Dog From Begging

How to Stop Your Dog From Begging

It's dinnertime. You and your family members are getting settled in the living room with TV trays, and from the corner of your eye, you see a tail wagging. You look over to see two big eyes staring at you and a slobbery mouth begging for the scrap in your hand.

We've all been in this situation whether it's at the dinner table, snacking in bed, or at a public family function. Your fur baby is exhibiting begging behavior over your own food. How can you stop your fur baby from being the beggar of the ball?

Why It's Important For Your Dog To Stop Begging

Hearing your dog whine and whimper over your food can be annoying at best, but the main reason why you should teach your fur baby to stop begging for food is for their own safety. It's more than a politeness thing! People food can be dangerous to your dog, and if you have guests over, you can't trust that someone won't fall for those puppy eyes. Even closer to home, your younger family members might not know what's good and bad for their family friend.

One bite of the wrong scrap could send you on a trip to the emergency vet with your fur baby and that's the last thing you want! 

Tips For Stopping Begging

First and foremost, do not give in to the beggar. We know it is tempting and sometimes you want to share your snack with your dog in a bonding experience, but this lays the foundation for them to continue to beg for people food.

With proper restraint, you can then follow these suggestions:

  • Feed your dog before your own mealtime. Time your mealplans with your dogs and feed them first so that they are 1) distracted by their own food in their food bowl, and 2) their stomach is filled so they're less tempted to go after people food.
  • When it is time for you to eat, have your dog get cozy in their favorite spot or crate for a nap in a separate room. Make sure they've got enough cushion in their crate to doze off into slumberland!
  • Top off their food bowl with a peanut butter snack to keep them occupied and well-treated.

If your fur baby continues to whine or exhibit begging behavior, it may be time to seek a trainer. In the meantime, you can always get a baby gate to prevent your dog from getting access to the dining room while you eat. You can find a baby gate on Amazon or in-store store like Walmart or Target.

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