How to Put on the Pug Life Harness

How to Put on the Pug Life Harness

The Pug Life Harness is super easy to adjust and put on your dog, just follow the steps below and in the video:

1. Take the reflective front velcro piece and bring it in to the loop as shown in the video. You can make the chest piece smaller OR bigger by the location of where you stick the velcro together.

(IF the chest part is still too big, (this sometimes happens with the very slender / skinny dogs) You can cut the velcro piece to make it fit. However please note that once you cut the harness you cannot return or exchange it. )

2. Adjust the belly piece so that when it is on your dog , it's not too tight or too loose (or they may slip out of it). The perfect adjustment is that it's not loose and you can still slide two fingers between the strap and their bellow.

3. Once it's adjusted, from then on it's a simple over the head and buckle the strap to get it on .

4. Make sure to periodically check the size as you may need to adjust again if your dog gains or loses weight or gets a haircut.

This harness works great with our seatbelt, you can use either ring to clip it on to the seatbelt so that they don't move around in the car. 

We've also got other great accessories in our Shop.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact us through our website or through our live chat, available Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm

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Just received today. Size small perfect for my chihuahua. Love it


Just received my 2 harnesses for 2 golden doodles. One is a puller and the other is quiet and walks well. Have the 2 harnesses hooked together with strap. They are wonderful especially the handle. I can stop my crazy young dog without choking her. Love them


We just bought our second Pug Life Harness. We got the first for our super puller. The harness does not rub him or slip and I have complete control. When he gets crazy I can grab the handle on the top and he’s not going anywhere. Our other dog is older and I wanted a harness that was more comfortable for him to wear. The one we have now slips around him. I am so happy with how quickly and easily the harness goes on and off. I’ve tried a lot of harnesses and Pug Life is the best harness yet. It’s a great value too.

Anne G.

AWESOME harnesses. I have purchased many for my rat terriers but this is by far the best. I bought 3 & will be buying 2 for friends’ pups. I am not a rave reviewer but this is the best harness ever.


Just received our order and these harnesses are very well made and seem very sturdy and durable😁 I bought them for our petite,lean,2yr.old female Great Dane and for our 8mo.old Cane Corso male who is very long and very solid at 100lbs. Bought size XL for both dogs,and though their body types vary greatly, the harnesses adjusted to fit each dog perfectly and they look great!👍Haven’t taken for walk yet to try out any pulling issues but so far I’m impressed with the purchase. Thank you Pug Life


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