How to Make Your Dog's Kennel Cozy and Comfortable

How to Make Your Dog's Kennel Cozy and Comfortable

There’s nothing like coming home after a long day, relaxing with family, and then cozying up in bed for a good night’s rest. Your bed and bedroom are like a sanctuary. No strangers are going to walk through and disrupt you, you have your privacy, and it’s peaceful. There are even days that you can rely on your bed to be there when you’re not feeling well or are exhausted in the afternoon and need a nap. 

And then there’s your loving dog. They, too, deserve that safe space feeling that you get from your own bed and bedroom. Sometimes that takes shape as a dog bed on or near your bed. Other times, it takes shape as a kennel. 

Kennels aren’t as comfortable as dog beds. That’s no secret, but there are ways to make it the most comfortable space that your dog loves and finds peace and shelter in. 

When it comes to kennels, the first thing that is a must is getting the right sized kennel for your dog. The key is to get a kennel that’s big enough for them to roll around in. Think of how much space you take up in bed and when things feel cramped. Also, keep in mind the water bowl and such and how much space they require.

After you get the perfect kennel for your pooch, that’s when the upgrading begins!

Sleeping Comforts

Your dog’s kennel will need a cushioned mat or bed that they can rest comfortably in. It shouldn’t be too big for the kennel or else that can affect your dog’s mobility when inside the kennel. Add a cozy blanket to the mix!

Toys & Treats

When crate-training especially, your dog will need something to keep themselves occupied. Interactive dog dogs that release treats are highly recommended. It encourages playtime and reward and can help keep your dog happy while alone. Also, consider having their favorite stuffed animal as their kennel buddy so they have a friend to snuggle up with when their favorite human isn’t available.


When placing your dog’s kennel in your home, the space you had in mind might not be the best. Make sure that it’s not in direct sunlight or near a heater to avoid overheating your dog. That would get uncomfortable real fast! Also, keep in mind vents and AC units to avoid a cold kennel experience.

Activity Levels

The kennel experience for dogs isn’t pleasant when there’s a lot of energy to burn. Make sure your dog is getting the right amount of exercise so that when they return to the kennel, they know it’s for a long, well-deserved nap or relaxation time. This helps with those who are crate-training so that kennels aren’t seen by dogs negatively.

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